What Muslims want we must reject

Making all of America Muslim

Just goes to show that we’re not listening. We have three choices: to convert,  to be subjugated under Islamic rule,  or to be beheaded.

This pretty Polish lady knows Islam, and she knows what to do about it:

Miriam Shaded (born June 29, 1986, Warsaw) – is a Polish entrepreneur, human rights activist and critic of Islam. She is the founder and president of the Estera Foundation tasked with bringing the Christian refugees from Syria to Poland.

Miriam Shaded was born into a Polish-Syrian family in Warsaw as the youngest of seven siblings. Her mother is Polish. Her father, Moner Shaded, was born in Syria.[1] He is a pastor of a Presbyterian church in Warsaw.[2]

Ms. Shaded studied evangelical theology and works in IT projects.

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2 thoughts on “What Muslims want we must reject”

  1. OK …
    Australia’s authorities
    Australia’s bureaucrats … and
    Australia’s suicidal self-hating Leftoid sick-mind controlled dopes
    from now on known as Australia’s Traitors !!!

    It’s either YOU or the islams !!!
    Actually …
    It’s YOU and the islams !!!

    Both of you groups really have to go !!!
    (seeing as you have had ample and multiple opportunities to stop islam immigration and remove from Australia (w/o Australian privilege) these Australian-based invading and very hostile islams (moslems) !!!)

    It is only fair that you – our Australian authorities our Australian bureaucrats and those Australian suicidal self-hating Leftoid sick-mind controlled dopes are removed from any influence whatever and securely incarcerated for the rest of your natural lives !!!

    It’s islam and its islams (moslems) with their hostile invasion of Australia that you have and are supporting financially and emotionally …
    for this you are guilty of Treason…
    and you will suffer your consequences !!!

    islam-appeasers … (muhammad’s aka “allah’s” … controlled and sick-minded slaves)
    muhammad … (“the god” … owner of slaves … raper of slaves … looter and pillager … attacker of peaceful people … enforcer to convert to islam … enforcer to pay jizya (submission) tax to islams … murderer of innocent people … subjugater of all religions to Islam … sexually depraved … evil terrorist mass murderer … oppresser and subjugater of women to men … teacher of brutality … liar … paedophile … hatemonger idolater … “the god” aka “allah”)
    islam … (muhammad’s aka “allah’s” … accursed mind sickening plague)
    islams … (muhammad’s aka “allah’s” … vile putrid malevolent deceitful vicious vermin)
    qur’an … (muhammad’s aka “allah’s” … technical manual of crime)
    mosque … (muhammad’s aka “allah’s” … crime technique schools)

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