Yusuf rubs it, part #4467

Yusuf and Abdel-Magied are obviously very unhappy in Australia, surrounded by Kaffirs. No doubt they would be so much happier in a place like Sudan, or Somalia,,,,,

Irfan’s book is still on sale, somewhere, probably


Irfan Yusuf is a little upset – which might be the first time anyone has ever used that particular adjective in reference to the substantial Sydney lawyer.

The Karachi Kolossus has gotten his size XXXXXXXXLs in a bunch over my mild observation that Yassmin Abdel-Magied retains the option of returning to Sudan should she ever tire of Australia’s unrepresentative democracy, and he looks forward to disciplinary action from Daily Telegraph opinion editor James Morrow:

Morrow has yet to indicate what my punishment might be. Probably nothing worse than the standard ten-stroke bastinado.

2 thoughts on “Yusuf rubs it, part #4467”

  1. Why wouldn’t Irfan want his clown-like co-religionist to live in muslim Sudan? Is there something wrong with Sudan? Is that what he’s implying? He must be racist or something.

  2. It is all part of the Hijra, whereby Muslims follow their prophet’s example (migrating to Medina to spread Islam). They come to kafir lands not because they like them but because they dislike them (for not being under Sharia rule). Their objective is to bring such lands under Sharia.

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