France, where “climate change” causes Islamic terrorism

French President Emmanuel Macron the Inspector Clouseau of world politics

PRESIDENT Emmanuel Macron is the Inspector Clouseau of world politics: a foolish, vain, arrogant and dangerous Frenchman full of his own importance who will leave nothing but chaos and confusion in his wake.

That is the only conclusion that can be drawn from this boy-president’s recent comments blaming Islamic terrorism on – wait for it! – climate change.

Even Peter Sellers, the genius comic actor who portrayed Clouseau in half a dozen hilarious Pink Panther movies, would have struggled to keep a straight face mounting that argument.

French President Emmanuel Macron. Picture: AFP

Here’s what Macron said: “We cannot pretend to fight terrorism effectively if we do not have a decisive action against climate warming or we will have to explain to people living in Chad, Niger and others that climate is not a problem. Today, terrorism, the great imbalances in our world, what we are living is linked to the climate imbalance that has generated our international productive mode. So we have to respond because everything is linked.”

Let me translate this socialist gobbledygook for you.

The phrase “the great imbalances in this world … linked to … our international productive mode” is code for market capitalism, arguably the single greatest achievement of mankind in lifting the masses across the globe out of poverty, starvation and disease.

And so, against all the evidence, Macron is saying that Islamic terrorism is the fault of the West’s economic development because our societies have been more productive and prosperous than those where the terrorists come from, and therefore they want to kill us.

The logic of this is as breathtakingly stupid as Inspector Clouseau at his silliest. Macron’s view of the world is that of a hard-left, ultra-Greenie. He has a loathing for capitalist economic success, combined with a sycophantic grovelling to the intolerance and hatreds that medieval Islam spawns.

And it is nonsense. The worst terrorist attack of all time – the 9/11 attacks in the US – was the work of a billionaire religious fanatic from one of the wealthiest nations on Earth, Saudi Arabia.

Most terrorists have been well-educated individuals motivated simply by a hatred of non-believers.

French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Donald Trump at the Bastille Day parade. Picture: AFP

France has suffered more Islamic terrorism than any other Western nation outside of Israel. But I doubt Mohammed Morah, who shot seven people, including three children, in Toulouse was protesting about melting ice-caps. I doubt the thugs who butchered the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were enraged about coral bleaching. The kids at the Bataclan rock concert weren’t murdered because of coal-fired power stations. The pedestrians on the Promenade of Nice weren’t mown down in a Prius. No, these evil-doers were all brainwashed by Islamic texts.

Perhaps Macron would like the relatives of the victims of these atrocities to switch off their lights for an hour every night as penance for their departed ones’ excessive carbon emissions.

Macron was the finance minister in one of the most hopeless socialist governments France has seen.

His timely escape from that job, only to re-emerge in the cunning disguise of a “centrist” just in the nick of time for the French presidential elections, is a plot worthy of its own Pink Panther spoof.

Malcolm Turnbull has described President Macron as representing the “sensible centre”. But in fact, what Macron represents is the very worst of the European Union’s aristocratic, bureaucratic, socialist elites with their utter disdain for the lives of ordinary people.

Much like Clouseau himself, Macron is a product of the finest Parisian academy, groomed in the pompous ways of the French “sophisticates”. Like all true Chablis-socialists, he seems happiest strutting the lavish corridors of the Palace of Versailles, plotting ways to steal even more money from western taxpayers at his Paris climate change summit later this year.

To paraphrase the idiotic Clouseau after he smashed a priceless piano to bits with his own clumsiness: “But what is the price of one civilisation, compared to the terrible climate crime that has been committed?”


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  1. Macron sees the masses, to manipulate, to propagandize, to brainwash. You have to wonder how long the French will believe their lying eyes. They had their chance with LePen and they said no.

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