Germany: Muslim “known to police” opens fire in nightclub, murdering two, cops say “no indications” of terrorism

Kleine Zeitung reports that two people were killed, and that the shooter was “known to police.” But the police insist that this was not a jihad terror attack, since after all, hardly anything ever really is. Just coincidentally, the believers in a religion that calls for the murder of those who do not believe the same way, and/or who behave in a manner that the religion forbids, keep killing people who are among those the religion calls them to kill, but the killings never have anything to do with that religion. Only greasy Islamophobes would not buy this.

“Nightclub shooting – one dead and three seriously injured as gunman opens fire,” by Sofia Petkar, Express, July 30, 2017 (thanks to Othmar):

ONE person has been killed and three people are seriously injured after a shooting at a nightclub in Germany.

In other news:

Germany: Muslim migrant screaming “Allahu akbar” who stabbed shoppers “known as an Islamist but not a jihadist”

The BBC doesn’t see fit to mention the fact, but he was screaming “Allahu akbar” as he stabbed the shoppers.

“‘He was known as an Islamist but not a jihadist,’ police spokesman Andy Grote said, noting that the suspect also suffered from ‘psychological’ issues.”

So here again we have jihad being ignored as a motive, and the incident ascribed to mental illness. Authorities have yet to explain why there is this global outbreak of mental illness among Muslims.

“He was known as an Islamist but not a jihadist”? Non-Muslims throw these words around without any idea of their provenance or of the contents of Islamic theology and law. “Islamist” is actually a Western coinage that has no meaning or validity in Islamic texts or teachings.

A gunman opened fire at the packed-out Grey nightclub in the city of Konstanz – close to the Swiss border – shooting several people in the early hours of the morning.

At least one person has been killed and three others seriously injured.

The nightclub is thought to have been hosting a student night at the time of the incident, which is believed to have lasted just minutes.

The suspect, believed to be a 34-year-old man, was seriously injured in a gunfight with police officers outside the venue as he attempted to flee at around 4.30am local time.

He later died in hospital.

One police officer has also been injured during an exchange of gunfire – His injury is not thought to be life-threatening.

Special commando forces and a helicopter have been deployed to the area as it remains unclear if the gunman had accomplices or acted alone.

Officers said the shooter’s motive was unclear….

According to reports in the Bild newspaper, the shooter was an Iraqi national and was known to police.

An eyewitness said : “He opened fired and shot randomly. The nightclub was packed. I guess several hundred people were there.”

Police say there are no indications that the attack was terror-related, with reports suggesting it was sparked by a domestic or relationship dispute….

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  1. You say islamist, I say jihadist! or mujahid. What difference does it make? Why are so many so ignorant about islam? The whole world of journalism in the West is engaged in a grand deceit. Why do all these journalists go along with it?

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