Burma: Mohammedans attack, Buddhists get the blame….

At least 12 killed after Muslim carry out 24 coordinated attacks across Myanmar

AT LEAST seven Muslim insurgents were slaughtered after they launched coordinated attacks on 24 police posts and an army base in Myanmar.

“Slaughtered” means the Express journaille disagrees with the blowback. These dhimmified dolts would rather see the Buddhists murdered.

It follows a spate of similar attacks in Rakhine since last October which killed nine police, prompting a huge counter-offensive operation with allegations of killings, rape and arson.

The subsequent military operation has resulted in 87,000 Rohingya fleeing to Bangladesh.

The UN accused Myanmar’s security forces of committing crimes against humanity. 

Myanmar has descended into chaos again when security forces began a new “clearance operation” wit tensions escalating in the township of Rathetaung, where Buddhist Rakhine and Rohingya Muslims live side-by-side.

A senior spokesman associated with the Myanmar state said:”The initial information is that at least five policemen were killed, two guns have been taken (from the police) and seven dead bodies of extremist Bengali insurgents have been seized.”

In Myanmar, calling Rohingya’s “Bengali” is a derogatory term as it implies they are illegal immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh.

The statement added: “The extremist Bengali insurgents attacked a police station in Maungdaw region in northern Rakhine state with a handmade bomb explosive and held coordinated attacks on several police posts at 1am.”

More to follow…

Erdogan’s Stuermer, the Turk Bull, sees the Bengali Muslim settlers in Burma only as victims:

Thousands of Rohingya flee Myanmar for Bangladesh
Thousands of Rohingya flee Myanmar for Bangladesh
Rakhine in northern Myanmar has been gripped by violence since October, when militants attacked police posts.

World Bulletin / News Desk

Thousands of Rohingya have crossed into Bangladesh since Myanmar announced a military build-up in Rakhine state earlier this month, community leaders said Wednesday.

That sparked a bloody military crackdown that the UN believes may amount to ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya, a mainly Muslim minority living in Buddhist Myanmar.

On August 12 authorities in Myanmar said hundreds of troops had moved into Rakhine as it ramps up counterinsurgency efforts there.

Rohingya leaders in Bangladesh told AFP that at least 3,500 had arrived since then, piling pressure onto already overcrowded refugee camps in the Cox’s Bazaar area near the Naf river that divides the two countries.

That is despite stepped-up patrols by Bangladeshi border and coast guards, who said this week they had pushed back a boat carrying 31 Rohingya, including children.

“In the Balukhali camp alone, some 3,000 Rohingya arrived from their villages in Rakhine,” said Abdul Khaleq, referring to the camp nearest the river, where most of the migrants stay when they first arrive.

Kamal Hossain, a Rohingya elder in another, camp, said nearly 700 families had arrived in Bangladesh in the past 11 days.

Many were sleeping in the open because there was no more space in the camps, he said.