Welcome to Oz, where it is okay to dress as nuns abusing aborigines, but it’s not okay for “right winger” Pauline Hanson to dress as a Muslim woman in parliament.

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, August 17, 2017

Watch the blathering dolts heads explode:

Yes, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is guilty of pulling a stunt by wearing a face-covering burqa into Parliament.

But the reaction to it of our political elite – huffsters like Attorney-General George Brandis – is what scares me more.

How dare Pauline Hanson perform a “stunt”! Only left activists are allowed to do that!

As for George Brandis , his bluster was pathetic. Every time he draws attention to himself he demonstrates clearly what worthless tosspot  he is, and a hypocrite to boot.

He is  devoid of    credibility,of stature and the only reason he  is in his job, just like quite a few of the others , is as a reward for backing Usurper Turnbull.

Have to laugh at the howls of outrage from the commentariat who claim this stunt is an insult to all Muslims. Umm the burqa is banned in some Muslim majority countries. It’s a symbol of oppression, not faith.

ONE Nation leader Pauline Hanson has shocked onlookers after she entered Australia’s Senate Question Time wearing a burqa.

Senator Hanson took her seat while wearing the full-face black garment.

Senate President Stephen Parry said Senator Hanson’s identity had been confirmed before she entered the chamber.

Senator Hanson told 2GB radio her One Nation colleague Brian Burston identified her to the senate security guards but said none of the guards checked to confirm her identity before she walked in.

“I put it on in my office, the media were taking photos, I walked straight down the hallway, down the stairs. I met two security guards and I walked straight up the chamber.

“No one, no security guard at any point of time asked to see my face.

“When I walked into the chamber one of the attendants … he just gasped.”

Senators continued on with Question Time in the Upper House as normal while Senator Hanson sat in the full black covering.

Her provocative move comes ahead of her call to ban the garment in Australia.

The One Nation leader is expected to make a speech to the Parliament later today at 4.30pm about the ban, which she has called for in the past.

While in the chamber, Senator Hanson asked why someone should be allowed to take their place in the Senate while obscuring their face and argued it should be banned from parliament.

She eventually removed the garment before asking her question and said: “I’m quite happy to remove this, because this is not what should belong in this Parliament”.

She left the chamber to jeers from Labor senators at around 2.30pm before issuing a statement.

Senator Hanson said she made the decision to attend Question Time in a full face covering because she believed “the need to ban full face coverings in public was an important issue facing modern Australia that needed to be discussed”.

Senator Pauline Hanson was defiant as she sat in the chamber making her point. Picture: Gary Ramage
Senator Hanson said she wished to raise the issue of full face covering presenting a security threat not only to Parliament House, but also to the greater Australian public.

She said she believed that full face covering, such as the burqa, were “oppressive, presented barriers to assimilation, disadvantaged women from finding employment, were causing issues inside our justice system, presented a clear security threat and had no place in modern Western society”.

Labor senators called “shame” and “you’re a disgrace” as Senator Hanson rose to ask if the Government would work towards implementing the ban.

Attorney-General George Brandis received a standing ovation from the Labor senators when he called Hanson’s stunt “appalling”.

Watch Senator Brandis’ stinging attack on Senator Hanson below.

George Brandis smacks down Pauline Hanson


“Senator Hanson, no, we will not be banning the burqa,” Brandis said.

“I am not going to pretend to ignore the stunt that you have tried to pull today by arriving in the Chamber dressed in a burqa when we all know that you are not an adherent of the Islamic faith.

“I would caution and counsel you with respect to be very, very careful of the offence you may do to the religious sensibilities of other Australians.”

“We have about 500,000 Australians in this country of the Islamic faith and the vast majority of them are law abiding good Australians.

“Senator Hanson, for the last four years, I have had responsibility pre-eminently among the ministers subject to the Prime Minister for national security policy.

“And I can tell you, Senator Hanson, that it has been the advice of each Director-General of security with whom I have worked and each Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police with whom I have worked that it is vital for their intelligence and law enforcement work that they work cooperatively with the Muslim community and to ridicule that community, to drive it into a corner, to mock its religious garments is an appalling thing to do and I would ask you to reflect on that.”

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale also labelled her actions “disgraceful” and argument for a multicultural code of conduct for the parliament to prevent future stunts.

And angry Senator Brandis admonished Senator Hanson for wearing the garment and said the government had no plans to ban it.

He said her actions were “appalling” and “disgraceful” and that her stunt was ridiculing and mocking the Muslim community.

Senator Hanson reveals her face as she takes off a burqa during Question Time. Picture: AAP

Senate President Stephen Parry made no comment on the stunt beyond that the chamber had a rule that people with face coverings had to identify themselves before entering.

Senator Hanson has previously vowed to ban the garb in all official buildings in Queensland if her party wins the upcoming state election, but she has also called for the ban to be implemented nationally.

She has previously called the burqa an “evil tool of oppression” and “an extreme national security risk”.

The incredible stunt comes after Senator Hanson met with prominent Australian businessman Dick Smith to discuss immigration policy in Canberra today.

The One Nation leader tweeted a film clip of her meeting with Mr Smith, who recently launched a ‘grim reaper’ anti-immigration ad campaign, to argue Australia’s annual intake should be capped at 70, 000.

“Every Australian family doesn’t have 20 kids. They have the number of kids they can give a good life too. I want our politicians to have a similar plan for the nation,” Mr Smith said in the video.


MPs from boths houses of Federal Parliament took to social media to condemn Senator Hanson for her stunt and praise Senator Brandis for his remarks.


Hanson’s Burqa Senate stunt
ONE Nation leader Pauline Hanson has shocked onlookers after she entered Australia’s Senate Question Time wearing a Burqa.


  1. Someone has to shock the nation out of its apathy. Why wait until we get a successful terror attack? I wonder why it is ok to mock ever other religion but Islam? Is it because no other religious group murders its critics? Yeah, thought as much.

  2. So we have a slaughter in Barcelona, Sydney run by Muslim mobsters, millions of dollars of subsidies awarded to Muslim day care centres diverted to the Islamic state, Muslim schools defrauding the state, the media in a frenzy over the elimination of the Sharrouf children, consular assistance offered to Neil Prakesh in a Turkish jail, a Muslim preacher in Melbourne telling the faithful that non Muslims stink, etc, etc. And they make an issue of Pauline Hanson wearing a burkah? I’m sure the Muslim community will be offended by this. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is charged with a “hate crime”.

  3. How is wearing a burka in order to show up lax security ‘mocking’ muslims?

    And Brandis’s faux outrage was no doubt calculated with several hundred thousand potential muslim votes in mind. As was Labor’s pathetic standing ovation response.

  4. Maybe we should be asking if moneyis being paid to polllies for there treatment of islam and who is paying it. I can see no other logical explanation.

  5. What scares me is the middle aged white Islamopandering cuck who ridiculed her.

    We’re at war.

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