“Melbourne Men”

Reporting on Islam and Islamic terrorism has hit rock bottom. This morning on the Marxist ABC, Vitrioli & her sidekick Michael babbled stupidly about “Melbourne men” who committed an arson attack on a mosque back in February this year. After instantaneously blaming imaginary “far-right groups” turns out it was the old sunni-shiite rivalry that caused a few righteous sunni Muslims to attack a shiite mosque:


There’s a twist in the narrative of an Islamophobic Australia.


Police are searching for the culprits behind the repeated fire-bombing of an Islamic community centre in Melbourne’s north, which was tagged with the words “Islamic State” in December.

Detectives from the arson and explosives squad are trying to identify three men believed to be behind fires at the Imam Islamic Centre in Fawkner on May 15, November 25 and December 11 last year…

Before the fire was started, closed circuit footage shows three men wearing dark clothing and hooded jumpers scrawl “The Islamic State” in English and “The State the Islam” in Arabic on the outside of the building…

Mosques and Islamic community centres have been targets of repeated attacks by far-right groups across Australia.


TWO young men charged over a Christmas Day terror plot to blow up the heart of Melbourne were allegedly behind two other terror attacks in Victoria.

Police will allege the men, Ahmed Mohamed, 24 and Abdullah Chaarani, 26, and an accomplice were responsible for Islamic-State inspired arson attacks at a mosque in Fawkner, in Melbourne’s north.

Heavily-armed police swooped in to arrest Meadow Heights man Hatim Moukhaiber, 29, last night following months of intelligence-gathering in the investigation into the fires.

It will be alleged the three men caused a serious fire at the Imam Ali Islamic Centre on 11 December 2016.

Graffiti reading “Islamic State” had also been painted on the centre, which is a place of worship for the Shia community.

In other news:


Yet more evidence of a catastrophic mistake in our refugee intake:

Dandenong Criminal Investigation Unit detectives are investigating a series of robberies that occurred in the vicinity of Dandenong and Noble Park Railway Stations overnight.

The first incident occurred about 7.50pm, a man was walking along Foster Street Dandenong when he was approached by six males.

He was assaulted, had his wallet stolen and left with a large gash to the side of his head.

The second incident occurred 10 minutes later in the same area, a man was approached by six males who demanded his wallet before assaulting him and stealing his mobile phone.

The third incident was in James Street Springvale about 8.10pm, a man was approached by 5-6 males and one of them produced a box cutter.

He was assaulted and his wallet and mobile phone were stolen.

The fourth incident occurred in Joy Street, Noble Park about 11.25pm, a man was approached by two males that knocked him to the ground.

He was held down, assaulted and his wallet was stolen.

All the alleged offenders were perceived to be of African appearance.

The crime rate among Sudanese refugees and their children is off the chart. Who let them in? Why did police for years falsely claim there was no trouble?

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