The real cowards are our politicians, not the allahuakbaring Muslim terrorists

Muslims fear “anti-Islam backlash” in Barcelona

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Here we go. After every murderous Islamic attack, comes the second attack — in the information battle-space. The bodies are not yet buried and we are being warned and admonished for opposition to jihad. Whack and whine. Kill and cry. Why aren’t Muslims “scared” of the Quranic text and teachings that command this violent supremacist slaughter? What are Muslims doing to defeat jihad?

“Anti-Islam backlash” is a rational response to Islamic terror.

In the wake of jihad slaughter, why do Muslims attack the victims and intended target of jihad? Why don’t Muslims self-reflect and call for the purge of the violent texts and teachings in the Quran and Hadith?

Las Ramblas terror attack
Las Ramblas terror attack

It’s happened again after last week’s terrorist attacks in Spain.

We’re again accusing jihadists of having our own fatal weaknesses.

The Muslim extremists who killed 14 people in Barcelona and Cambrils were “cowardly”, claimed Holland’s prime minister.

“What godless cowards they truly are,” agreed columnist Joe Hildebrand.

The same charges were made against the Islamist State jihadists who slaughtered 130 people in Paris in 2015.

“Cowardly,” the French president called them.

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte joined world leaders in calling the jihadists “cowardly”. Picture: AFP Photo/Petras Malukas

“Godless ISIL murderers,” said our own prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

Same yet again with the Manchester bombing, which this year killed 22 people.

“Committed by a coward,” said Turnbull.

The bomber was “not a Muslim”, insisted Manchester mayor Andy Burnham.

But how can any of that be true? Aren’t we just lying about the jihadists — and ourselves?

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