Islamic Council of Victoria: too many studies into terrorism, radicalisation negatively affecting Muslims

Seriously, you couldn’t make it up. The hide and the hubris of the swine is breathtaking.  Once again, the ICV demands a say about what is taught about Islam, how it is taught and to prevent anyone from telling the truth, they insist on having their own taqiyya gigolos in universities to paint a rosy picture about the cult.

The state’s peak Islamic body wants a say in how universities research Muslim issues. Picture: iStock
The state’s peak Islamic body wants a say in how universities research Muslim issues. Picture: iStock
Islamic Council of Victoria: too many studies into terrorism, radicalisation negatively affecting Muslims
THE state’s peak Islamic body wants a say in how universities research Muslim issues amid claims there is too much focus on terrorism and youth radicalisation.
A report by the the Islamic Council of Victoria said that Muslim research was a “growth industry” but negative portrayal of the community was causing distress to members, especially youth.
Under proposed new guidelines for university partners, any research would have to minimise harm to Muslims while maximising community benefits.
Academics would need to consider the effects of research results on the community’s “self-perception or beliefs, on perceptions outside the community, or on social service delivery within the community”.

A report by the the Islamic Council of Victoria said that Muslim research was a “growth industry”. 

Published on the ICV’s website, the guidelines were adapted from a model created by Yale University in the US.
The council said that feedback from its members indicated that some researchers lacked an understanding of the diversity of the Muslim community, its culture and history.
“Research which focuses on Muslims through the lens of law enforcement, counter-terrorism, criminology or radicalisation also reinforces those narratives which support Islamophobia,” the report said.
“Muslim youth were clear that their mental health was deteriorating from the overabundance of
public policies, media reports and research ‘evidence’ focusing on a negative future.”
At the same time, there was lack of data in areas including family violence, sexual health, drugs and alcohol, housing and prison incarceration rates.
Supporters of the three men accused of aiding 15 year old Farhad Jabar in his shooting of police worker Curtis Cheng. Outside Downing Centre court today.
The paper said that many community members “doubt the cultural appropriateness and rigour of ‘Muslim research’ and feel excluded from its benefits”.
“Increasingly, Muslims seek more meaningful influence on the design of research, shared decision-making and better training in the research process,” the report said.
In July, the state government threatened to withdraw funding from the ICV after it suggested Muslim youth should have taxpayer-funded “safe spaces” where they could share “inflammatory” views.
Alpha Cheng, son of murder victim Curtis Cheng, will address MPs and religious and education leaders at Victorian Parliament.
Premier Daniel Andrews said at the time that the proposal was wrong and would be a “hate space”, adding “there is no safe way to rail against the West.”
It is understood that a review of the ICV’s taxpayer funding is nearing completion.
Meanwhile, the son of an Islamist terror victim will Tuesday speak to MPs and religious and education leaders at an event at the Victorian Parliament.
Alpha Cheng’s father Curtis Cheng, a NSW Police Force accountant, was murdered by radicalised Muslim Farhad Jabar, 15, in Sydney in October 2015.
Mr Cheng will attend the Courage to Care exhibition, which calls on “all Australians to reject intolerance, prejudice and discrimination … in the face of injustice”.
The poor chap is delusional.

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  3. Mr (Alpha) Cheng, (son of an islam murder victim Curtis Cheng) will attend the Courage to Care exhibition, which calls on …
    all Australians to reject intolerance, prejudice and discrimination … in the face of injustice”.
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  6. Not enough studies into terrorism & radicalisation is killing innocent men , women and children.

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