Jordanian Minister: Allowing Jews on Temple Mount is “provoking in an irresponsible fashion” Muslims worldwide

Well then, by all means, we must not provoke the poor dears. Everyone knows that, right? If we just refrain from doing things that provoke Muslims and poke them in the eye, everything will be all right, no? Isn’t that why virtually the entire Western establishment media avoided reprinting the Muhammad cartoons that Muslims used as a pretext for worldwide riots? The freedom of speech? Pah! We must not provoke them. This is a message that almost the entire Western political and media establishment has internalized. The only problem is that what Muslims see as unacceptable provocations is an ever-expanding list, and yet no one dares to stand up and say, “Enough.”

In other news, Germany just caved in to deploying troops in Jordan under sharia law:

“Jordan: Jews on Temple Mount are a ‘provocation’ to Muslims,” by Dalit Halevi, Arutz Sheva, October 13, 2017 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

The Jordanian government condemned Israel for allowing Jews to visit the Temple Mount, calling it “irresponsible” and “provocative to Muslims around the world.”

Jordan’s Minister of State for Media Affairs Mohammad Momani published a statement declaring Israel’s actions “unacceptable.” Israel, he said, is “provoking in an irresponsible fashion” Muslims around the world.

Momani also claimed Israel is “harming” the “blessed Al-Aqsa mosque.”

According to Momani, Israel’s policy contradicts international law, which requires the preservation of holy sites.

Israel’s actions also harm the relationship between the two countries, and makes it difficult to reduce tension and preserve the historical and legal status quo at Al-Aqsa, Momani claimed. He insisted Israel cease the “provocations” and honor Jordan’s role as protector of holy places in Jerusalem, as per the contract between Jordan and Israel.

Israel Police recently stopped a soccer game on the Temple Mount, confiscating the ball from the Arab youths. Arabs continuously desecrate the holy site by holding soccer games against the law, and even have clowns perform there….

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  1. The Western world has become spineless. North Korea laughs at us while developing nuclear weapons under our noses, not even bothering to hide it. So much for sanctions and diplomacy. Islam rules the west because it has the money. The “golden rule” has become, “He who has the gold makes the rules”. Western democracy is mostly dead, just awaiting burial. Other parts are on life support. Those who experienced the tyranny of Communism seem more likely to hold out against Islam.

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