Londonistan: Muslims make it clear they want to kill Geert Wilders….

Police does nothing….

British Muslims say Islamic Law Allows Right to Kill Anyone who Insults Muhammad

Thanks to BNI

Muslims in London want to know why the police won’t allow Wilders to come out and face them for a few minutes, just long enough for them to cut off his head. After all, according to the “holy” quran, they have the right to kill anyone who insults their so-called prophet Muhammad and Wilders certainly more than qualifies.

Not to worry, you IslamoNazi welfare squatters, at the rate the UK is going, you will have your Islamic State there in a few decades and you can behead anyone you want.

One thought on “Londonistan: Muslims make it clear they want to kill Geert Wilders….”

  1. Christianity never ceased to be a true theocracy, in spite the age of Grace is still in progress. That’s why Christians are not in a rush to behead anybody and instead focus on the Gospel. The time will come however when God – the True One – will behead the Spirit of His enemies… not just kill their body.

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