“Melbourne Man” & “Struggling Single Mum”

How Australia’s ABC helps to get rid of your fears & to love Islam

Another “Melbourne man” who is really not a “Melbourne man” at all….Note also that the Herald Sun posted this picture, while the YAHOO news tards pixilated the pic.

‘Extremist’ pensioner backed Islamic State: police
A DISABILITY pensioner suspected of backing a senior Islamic State terrorist has been arrested in a dawn raid in Hampton Park in Melbourne’s southeast this morning.
Melbourne man arrested in morning raid after allegedly funding IS
A Victorian man who allegedly funded Islamic State fighters has been arrested during early morning raids in Melbourne.
‘Millionaire Muslim’ who of ripped off taxpayers for 18 YEARS evicted

Millionaire Muslim’ convicted of ripping off taxpayers for 18 YEARS by posing as a struggling single mother is finally kicked out of her government-funded home

◇ Rebecca Khodragha lived in a Punchbowl unit in south-west Sydney for 18 years
◇ She was given the government owned flat by posing as a ‘battling single mother’
◇ Husband Khaled owned a lucrative business which ‘collected a $1million a year’

Rebecca Khodragha lived in the apartment in south-west Sydney for 18 years, failing to tell authorities her husband owned a lucrative business …

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More hijab -tugging tales from the insufferable PuffHo

There have been many incidents of women’s headscarves being snatched in streets, and being asked to leave Britain. All of these are enough to make anyone feel scared and vulnerable in their own home, let alone on the street.

Katie Hopkins among front-runners for Islamophobe of the Year award

The UK category sees familiar faces such as Katie Hopkins, Maajid Nawaz and Tommy Robinson. The EU referendum and the London mayoral election saw hateful campaigning from the likes of Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Zac Goldsmith who are all also nominated. …

Muslim countries can’t be friends with destroyers of mosques

Today we actively fight Islamophobia, which is one of the most serious threats in the world. Armenia, trying to present itself as a friend of Muslim countries, destroyed mosques and religious monuments in Nagorno-Karabakh and the surrounding regions. The country destroying mosques can never be a friend of Muslim countries,” Aliyev stated. …
American Soldiers Died in Niger Because of Obama
Putting soldiers in a war zone without a combat mission so they don’t offend Islamists.

One thought on ““Melbourne Man” & “Struggling Single Mum””

  1. This Melbourne disability pensioner clearly cannot handle a society which allows him access to any amount of high quality food and calories. The photo shows Type 1 diabetes is clearly on the cards and his cardio-vascular degeneration is well advanced.

    For his own benefit he should be repatriated to his Middle Eastern origins where calories are in shorter supply. This will benefit him greatly and ease the inevitable burden on he Victorian taxpayer-funded health system.

    ‘Why is he alive?’ is not so much a philosophical question on the usefulness to humanity of this islamic waste of space – but medical one, expressing surprise that he is still breathing.

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