Pope supports Mohammedan invasion, Budapest & Warsaw fight back…

Pope: Unease with Mass Migration Due to ‘Innate Fear of the Foreigner’

Pope  tells Muslim migrants: “You are warriors of hope”
  • Islamic terrorists in Egypt bombed Coptic churches and killed dozens of innocent people on Palm Sunday, and Saudi Arabia, which finances and hosts the Muslim World League (MWL), is the global purveyor of extremist Wahhabism. More importantly, it sends a signal to persecuted Christians and moderate Muslims that they really have nowhere to turn. In his attempt at appeasing Muslims, then, the Pope is actually emboldening the “arsonists,” not the “firefighters.”
Budapest and Warsaw Under Attack Because ‘Hungary and Poland are Standing in the Way of George Soros’

Budapest and Warsaw Under Attack Because ‘Standing in the Way of George Soros’

The Hungarian government says that conservative Central European countries — particularly their own and nearby Poland — are being attacked by the European Union because they are “standing in the way of George Soros”, the billionaire financier and open borders activist.

The Hungarians believe that EU officials — who have met with Soros at the highest level — have adopted the so-called ‘Soros Plan’ for mass immigration into Europe more or less wholesale, including recommendations to accept an influx of some one million migrants per year, and to redistribute them throughout the bloc through a mandatory quota schemeimposed by Qualified Majority Vote.

“The Hungarian Government absolutely and resolutely rejects every point of the ‘Soros Plan’, and continues to be against allowing one million migrants into Europe every year, the demolishing of the border security fence, the 9 million forints in aid to be provided to every migrant and the mandatory resettlement quota, in addition to which it also rejects the punishment of Central European countries [by the European Union],” declared Bence Tuzsonm, Hungary’s Minister of State for Government Communication.

Soros spokesman Michael Vachon recently alleged that “the claim that Soros is promoting a scheme to import a million illegal immigrants into Europe is Viktor Orbán’s fantasy,” — but as Prime Minister Orbán’s spokesman Dr. Zoltán Kovács has pointed out, Soros himself did insist that “the EU has to accept at least a million asylum seekers annually for the foreseeable future” in his September 2015 manifesto on the migrant crisis.

“Hungary and Poland are standing in the way of George Soros because of the opinions they have put forward with relation to migration, and as a result he wants to achieve his result by applying pressure to both countries”, noted Tuzsonm.


Tuzsonm said that “political attacks must be launched against countries that are against immigration” in service of the Soros Plan, both through mainstream media and the organs of the European Union — which has pledged to begin ‘infringement proceedings’ against those countries which are not co-operating with its quota regime.

Tuzsomn also believes the EU will attempt to hit recalcitrant member-states with “tough fines”, and that Soros is pushing the bloc to reduce agricultural and cohesion funding to Central Europe — impacting its rural conservative heartland.

“In view of the fact that we cannot count on the opposition parties in this battle here in Hungary, the Government is again turning to the people of Hungary and asking everyone who cares about the country’s independence and sovereignty, and for whom Hungary’s security and national culture is important, to take part in the National Consultation on the Soros Plan”, he asked.

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