Suck on that: Diggers issued halal-certified Army rations

Bernard Gaynor

Cheese eating surrender monkeys: Diggers issued halal-certified Army rations

Almost two years ago this website broke the news that the Australian Army was going halal certified.

Half of all combat ration pack configurations were to be prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary requirements, even though there were only about 100 Muslims in the entire 50,000+ strong Defence Force. Four menus were to contain meat that had been certified as sacrificed to Allah. The other were two were to be vegetarian options that are naturally halal anyway.

Just so you know, under the new ration plan which was supposedly designed to combat ‘menu fatigue’, ordinary Diggers have less choice of ordinary meals than before. That’s how diversity works.

The media frenzy regarding the halal-certified Army prompted a back down of sorts from the Chief of Army, who wrote on the Defence website in early 2016 that:

Combat ration packs currently used by the ADF are not prepared to halal or kosher specifications.

Of course, he was right. At the time rations were not halal or kosher.

Now they are halal but I have not yet seen any kosher packs kicking around.

And not just halal, but distinctly Arabic as well. These rations were handed out to infantry Diggers this week and you can see the halal-certified processed cheese can with Arabic labelling below:

Rations 1

Rations 2

Rations 3

Shortly afterwards my phone lit up.

Diggers are insulted by halal-certified rations. And they are outraged that they’re being fed them with Arabic language plastered all over the packs.

They’re also miffed that the cheese they’re eating is certified halal by an organisation that admits it funnels certification fees overseas to build mosques in Indonesia.

That’s bad enough, but to make matters worse our military is now so politically-correct that it is producing rations that the enemy can read but our own soldiers cannot.

I think that’s a world first.

Soldiers want to be soldiers and they want their commanders to get on with the job of leading an army. Unfortunately, they’re stuck with a bunch of social justice warriors who are more interested in sex-change operations and halal certification.

No wonder morale within the Australian Defence Force and especially the Army is so low. Defence’s own internal surveys have found that about half of all soldiers have lost confidence in their generals and political masters. They don’t think the top brass makes effective strategic decisions:


It’s incredible.

Every second Digger thinks the generals and Ministers are duds.

And they’re right.

Marise Payne is not providing the leadership required of the Minister for Defence. Instead she’s missing in action, hunkered down in a bunker in Canberra with a bunch of PC bureaucrats.

She must go.

And so must the halal rations.

We’ve embraced insanity so strongly that we are now catering for the dietary requirements of a community that has sent more of its sons to fight for the Islamic State than to join the Australian Defence Force.

And it’s just embarrassing that the hierarchy of the military has just given new life to the phrase immortalised by the Simpsons: cheese eating surrender monkeys…

3 thoughts on “Suck on that: Diggers issued halal-certified Army rations”

  1. The Quranic rule, which applies to all foods and not just the meat of animals, is to utter God’s allah’s” name [ie an islamic curse] before eating any food, and not before slaughtering the animal.”

    Being an islam is …
    Being a sinner …
    Being everything (Vile Putrid Malevolent Malicious Deceitful and Vicious) wrapped up into a single man male or woman female who radiates … SIN !!!

    • Many Muslims speak about what is called ‘halal meat’ (lawful sinned meat) without knowing the Quranic definition for this term!
    • In addition, new converts to Islam in western countries are often bombarded with the instruction:
    Do not eat except halal meat. … a blasphemy (
    for an islam)
    • So what do they really mean by halal meat and how does their concept agree with the Quranic meaning of this term?”

    The Quran tells us that God allah” [ie an islamic curse] is extremely displeased with those who prohibit anything that is not specifically prohibited by God allah” [ie an islamic curse] (16:116). The upholding of any prohibitions not specifically mentioned in the Quran is tantamount to idolatry (6:148-150). Such prohibitions represent a law from some other god(s) beside God allah” [ie an islamic curse]. Worshipping God allah” [ie an islamic curse] Alone means following His Law and no other law.”

    The prohibited foods and meat are detailed in 2:173, 5:3, 6:145 and 16:115. From these verses we have a clear account of what is halal (lawful for the islam sinner) and what is haram (prohibited for the islam sinner).”

    He only prohibited for you carrion, blood, the flesh of the pig and what was dedicated to other than God allah” [ie an islamic curse], but if one is forced out of necessity rather than desire or greed, then he incurs no sin. God allah” [ie an islamic curse] is Forgiver, Merciful. 2:173

    So basically basically it’s all a big load of islamic crap !!!
    Cutlural marxists (islamophiles) and their thought control PC’ing … amateurs!!!
    (now you know …
    your ignorance is dispelled …
    and if you are an islamophile or and islam …
    to continue on your current way is to destroy your self

    “Halal Meat”
    (eating it today creates an idolatrous and sinfull islam)
    The Quranic Truth … … or the original @

  2. Every Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu and atheist should file a human rights complaint against the Australian Defence Force

  3. Somebody tell me this is a joke.
    What pea brained dunderhead at the Defence Department is responsible for this ridiculous insult to our fighting men and women.

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