“The only way” is the best way….

LONDON IS FALLING: UK Capital Now More Dangerous than NYC… More Rape, More Robbery, More Violence
‘The only way’ of dealing with British Islamic State fighters is to kill them in almost every case, minister says

Yes, we can kill our way out of this. We must.

British Isil fighters should be killed in Syria rather than be allowed to return to UK, a Government minister has said.
 Rory Stewart said converts who leave Britain to fight for the terror group are guilty of horrific acts and the only way of dealing with them is to kill them “in almost every case”.
London police: Charging shoplifters, vandals “not practical,” arrests for “offensive comments” up 53%
Britain is rapidly becoming a police state, with remarks that are outside the bounds of acceptable opinion punished more harshly than actual crimes. I was banned from the country for telling the truth about the jihad threat. As a free society, the UK is dead. “Met Say Charging Shoplifters, Vandals ‘Not Practical’ as Arrests for…
British Police Arrest 3,395 Citizens For Being Politically Incorrect Online

In the last year, British police have arrested at least 3,395 citizens – nine people per day – for being “politically incorrect” on social media. 

According to data obtained by The Times through the Freedom of Information Act, 29 police forces arrested thousands of citizens under section 127 of the Communications Act 2003, which makes it illegal to “cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another.”

Breitbart.com reports:  The true figure is likely to be significantly higher, as thirteen police forces refused to provide the requested information and two did not provide usable data.

Around half of the investigations were abandoned before being brought to prosecution, which critics say is an indication that the authorities are being excessively strict in their interpretation of the law’s restrictions on freedom of speech.

Parents of ‘Jihadi Jack’ on hunger strike in protest against Government
Sally Lane and John Letts started their week-long fast on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral in central London on Thursday
UK Police Slammed for ‘Propaganda’ Video Promoting Islam
British police have been slammed for using public resources to produce a 12-minute video promoting Islam in the UK.
UK Police now openly promoting Islamic propaganda! Say they are against hate crime and yet they promote Islam which is behind the committing of virtually all hate crime killings in the UK aka terrorist attacks……oh thats right the Police have defined “Islamic” (not that they use this word) terrorist attacks as not hate crimes??? The Poice say they are short of resources as crime sky rockets in UK, and London with gun crimes soaring, is now more dangerous than New York. Interesting note is that while the Police are short of resources to solve rapes, robberies, burglary’s, etc, the numer of indigenous Britons arrested for saying things about Islam and muslims that the Police and Mulims dont like has soared (no shortage of resources here). Apparently words and facts are hate crimes when they reflect negatively on Islam & Muslims, but Islamic terrorists killing innocent Brits isn’t a hate crime! Meanwhile Muslims and Islamic mosques can still openly and freely bring into the UK, Islamic hate preachers who call for the death of Jews, Christians and Westerners and the overthrow of Western nations – apparently hate speech against infidels is ok. The UK Police who once had a great reputation are now nothing more than Sharia enforcers oppressing free speech and non-muslims! There is a derogative term to describe Police, which I don’t use and don’t encourage, but I think that the following word to describe many UK Police, especially those in the hierarchy who are oppressing freedom with their promoting of Islam and enforcing of Sharia law is appropriate: SPIGS (Sharia PIGS).