Al-Aqsa Mosque Address by Sheikh Abu ‘Umran Al-Barq: The Goal of Jihad Is to Make Islam Triumph over All Religions


In an address delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestinian Sheikh Abu ‘Umran Al-Barq said that the infidels today “have been trying to vilify the notion of Jihad” and that Arab curricula have been adapted to their will and “and the first step was to present Jihad as a war of defense only.” Jihad should be waged “until Islam triumphs over all other religions,” said Sheikh Al-Barq. The address was posted on the Internet on November 3.

Abu ‘Umran Al-Barq: The infidels – especially contemporary infidels – have been waging a fierce war against the notion of Jihad. They have been trying to vilify the notion of Jihad for the sake of Allah, because Jihad means fighting the infidels for the sake of Allah, in order to make the word of Allah reign supreme, and that of the infidels the lowest. The infidels realized that through Jihad, the Muslims strive to guide Mankind, to instate Truth, and to usher people into the fold of Islam in droves. This means that the infidels would lose their role in this life – the role of oppressors and transgressors, who have turned people’s lives into the life of animals, as if we are living in a jungle and the strong devours the weak. Thus, the [Arab] curricula have been adapted to the will of the infidels. In many of these curricula, the notion of Jihad has been altered, and the first step was to present Jihad as a war of defense only.


Ibn Kathir said that Allah commanded [Muslims] to fight the infidels until there is no more fitna, which means polytheism, and all worship is devoted to Allah – in other words, until Islam triumphs over the other religions. It seems that Muslims today are ignorant of the meaning of this verse. They do not know that they are required to labor, so that Islam will triumph over all other religions. At the same time, we see that the infidels have realized this. They have realized that if Islam is implemented in its correct form, and if the pinnacle of Islam, which is Jihad, is implemented, Islam will triumph over all other religions.


Ever since the Caliphate was destroyed, about 100 years ago, there has not been any Jihad to spread the call to Islam. There are no more Muslim armies going to fight the infidels, telling them: Before we fight you, we give you three options. We call on you to convert to Islam, and if you do, we will stop fighting you.


If you refuse to convert, we will call on you to pay the jizya poll tax. This means that they submit to the rule of Islam, but maintain their religion. They will pay a certain amount of money every year, in return for the protection provided to them by the Muslims.


If you don’t, we will seek the help of Allah against you and will fight you. Why? What is the purpose of fighting? The purpose of fighting the infidels is to shatter the physical barriers that separate people from [Islam], to which they are guided by their minds and by their natural disposition.


Jihad for the sake of Allah is not waged for the purpose of killing people. Muslims do not take any pleasure in killing people. It is the infidels who make it their goal to kill people. 20 million people were killed in WWI and 50 million more in WWII. From the day Allah sent the Prophet Muhammad, and until the destruction of the Islamic caliphate 14 centuries later, the number of infidels killed by the Muslims was not even one percent of that figure. Why? Because Islam came in order to guide humanity, and because Allah sent His Prophet Muhammad as a mercy to Mankind.


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