Hungarian PM Says ‘Silent Majority’ Will Prevail Over ‘Globalist Elites’ and ‘The Soros Empire

Battle for the West: Hungarian PM Says ‘Silent Majority’ Will Prevail Over ‘Globalist Elites’ and ‘The Soros Empire


Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has launched a stunning denunciation of globalism, declaring that the “true spirit of the age” points to a resurgence of conservative values centred on country, family, and tradition.

The Hungarian premier drew battle lines between a “silent majority” of ordinary people who “provide for their families, love their homelands, and insist on their Christian roots” on the one hand, and the “globalist elites, the bureaucrats who serve them, the politicians in their pay, and the agents of the Soros-type networks that embody their interests” on the other.


Hungarians raise alarm after leaked Soros doc reveals list of 226 MEPs the financier considers “reliable allies”. 

“We should realise that the soothing melodies pouring out of the speakers of powerful global corporations and global political organisations – siren voices encouraging breezy irresponsibility, frenzied consumption, and boundless self-indulgence – are not at all the same as the spirit of the age,” he said.

“Under the soft blanket of dreams laid down by the global elite, one finds the cold, hard reality of life.

“We see tens of millions of Europeans working hard and struggling day in, day out to keep themselves and their families afloat.

“We see how they yearn for security and order.

“We see how they cleave ever more firmly to their cultural identity, and fight every day for every square metre of their normal European life,” he said.

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Orbán said the globalists understand tide is turning against them, “and therefore they’ve invented the magic word ‘populism’ to denigrate all that is national, popular, Christian, and civic — but they repeat this magic word in vain, their incantations are in vain, and their political voodoo is in vain.

“Reality, flesh-and-blood people, real-life instincts, real human desires, dreams and hopes will conquer the globalist elite still ruling Europe today. And they will make Europe – and within it Hungary – great again.”

The Fidesz leader contrasted the Hungarian ideal of the productive citizen, tied to his neighbours by the bonds of national identity rather than race or social class, with the globalist ideal of Homo Brusselicus — Brussles Man — a creature “wrenched out of its cultural, national, religious, and gender identity … a new type of human being for a new age”.

Orbán suggested this was part of a process in which some European countries have “decided to forsake Christianity, and to forsake their own national identity. They want to enter a post-Christian and post-national era” — the so-called ‘United States of Europe’.

“It is well known that we Hungarians have no desire for empires – and especially not for their viceroys,” he said.

“Today an empire is threatening us once again. We stand in the way of a plan which seeks to eliminate nations … We stand in the way of a financial and political empire which seeks to implement this plan – at whatever cost.

“Let’s not beat about the bush: in order to implement the Soros Plan, across the whole of Europe they want to sweep away governments which represent national interests – including ours.”

Orbán said NGOs tied to George Soros, the billionaire open borders campaigner, “have penetrated all the influential forums of European decision-making”.

He described how they “operate like the activists of the Department for Agitation and Propaganda of the old Soviet Communist Party.

“We old war horses recognise them by their smell. Although the Soros troops use somewhat more refined methods, they nonetheless want to tell us what to do, what to say, what to think – and even how we should see ourselves.”

The former anti-communist campaigner explained: “Migration is not the goal of the Soros Plan, but merely its means.

“Millions of people … are being encouraged to come to Europe; indeed they are even being transported here, in order to debilitate nations and deliver the coup de grâce to Christian culture.”

“Let’s also talk candidly about the fact that the Soros Plan also seriously endangers the security of our everyday lives,” he concluded.

“In Europe’s [multicultural] countries, acts of terrorism have become regular occurrences, crime rates are increasing, violence against women has escalated, and anti-Semitism is emerging again.

“This is what we must prevent, and this is the threat against which we must defend the country. So when we say that we must defend Hungary, we declare that we must defend work, our families, security, the authority of our laws, our achievements … we must also defend our future.

“What we did not tolerate from the Soviet Empire we shall not tolerate from the Soros Empire. We shall defend our borders, we shall prevent implementation of the Soros Plan, and eventually we shall win this battle.”

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    1. 18 billion Soros dollars & the combined might of EUSSR apparatchiks & their lackey army are preparing to put him out of business. The odds are no good.

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