THE INTERVIEW: Milo Yiannopoulos and Alan Jones


Right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos is the self-proclaimed bastion of western civilization and he’s been banned from speaking in Sydney tonight.

The New York Times bestseller has had his show cancelled by the owners of the Australian Technology Park over his controversial views on banning Muslim immigration and putting an end to feminism.

Yiannopoulos joined 2GB’s Alan Jones in studio explaining why the Left fear him so much.

“What frightens people the most is ideas that come from unexpected places.

“With me it doesn’t work, I’m a gay jew with a black husband. There’s really nothing they can get me on.

“They have to come armed with their best arguments, their ideas, reasoned fact and logic.

“They’re struggling to do so, they’re struggling to beat me, they’re struggling to win which is why I now have such enormous audiences but why I do suffer from underhanded tactics like cancelling venues.”

Yiannopoulos has been embraced by some with his old high school creating an ‘unsafe space’ for students to read dangerous texts, including Hitler’s Mein Kamf which Yiannopoulos describes as a “self-authored, rambling, incoherent hate-fest.”

“I want all schoolchildren to read this stuff. I want people to read the worst that has been written on the very far left as well.

“If you bury the past you are doomed to repeat it.”

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Milo Yiannopolous has rescheduled his Sydney speaking events for next week. Details here.


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