This is no refugee crisis, it is a Moslem invasion….

Migrant Crisis-Hit Italy Sees Half of Citizens ‘Feel Like Strangers in Their Own Country’

Migrant Crisis-Hit Italy Sees Half of Citizens ‘Feel Like Strangers in Their Own Country’

Greek island goes on strike over “refugee crisis”

“Refugee crisis” means you are using the language of the enemy.

Greek island goes on strike over refugee crisis

Nearly a 1,000 people on Lesbos, including its mayor, protest EU, Greek policies on asylum seekers 

Public institutions suspended services and many shops did not open as a one-day strike in Greece’s Lesbos island over the refugee crisis took place on Monday.

The Aegean island off the coast of Turkey has become the landing point for thousands of migrants fleeing poverty and conflict, particularly amid the Syrian Civil War.Nearly a thousand people, including the mayor and local representative, gathered in the island’s Sappho square on Monday to protest Greek government and the EU policies on asylum-seekers.

The protesters carried banners and posters reading:

“Lesbos is not a place of exile, it is an island,” and “Urgent solution to the refugee crisis.”

“We have been shouldering the refugee burden for three years for the sake of Greece and Europe. If a fault is sought, it should be sought in Athens and Brussels, not in Lesbos,” Spiros Galinosi, the mayor, told the crowd.

“The [refugee] density on the islands must be reduced urgently. Asylum seekers should be placed on the mainland as soon as possible. We do not want to hear another solution,” he added.

2 thoughts on “This is no refugee crisis, it is a Moslem invasion….”

  1. People across the West increasingly feel like they are “strangers” in their home countries, with Italy leading the pack.

    Globalists will find the idea of “feeling like a stranger in one’s own country” offensive in itself, because in their view all cultures are equal, and the haves and have-nots are the same in all spheres in their anti-capitalist view; so let’s all go along, get along and be happy in a utopia.

    Globalists view the Muslim invasion into the EU as nothing more than an act of charity of welcoming in the disadvantaged. Their stiff-necked denial of jihadist-Islamic supremacist ambitions, as well as the strain on taxpayers who are funding this mass immigration — including medical bills, housing, and the cost of massive security measures, since the refugee stream has successfully been infiltrated by Islamic State fighters and other jihadists — undergirds their illogical ambitions. They also ignore the price paid in the restriction of the traditional freedoms citizens have enjoyed in Western countries, as the worst jihadist and Islamic supremacist offenders have managed to gain support by means of their never-ending proclamations of victimhood.

    Westerners better get used to feeling like strangers in their own countries, or else stop electing those who are bent on pursuing suicidal immigration policies.

    Interestingly, the countries at the bottom of the list in feeling like strangers in their homes are Israel and Japan, both of which have a strong sense of national identity and have been intelligent in border control management. (Robert Spencer)

    1. Not true, exactly. Globalists see the migrant flood as A TOOL. A means to destroy national identity and, thus, nations. If people no longer care about their country or culture because it has been wiped away by aliens, then they can take over from national governments and do as they will without protest.

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