Trudeau, Kerry, Hijabbery & Iran’s New Hitler

Canada’s Twit of a PM to Haitian Refugees: Sorry, Guys, You’re Not Abject Enough

You see, Canada has certain “standards” when it comes to huddled masses yearning to be breathe free, and, sorry Haitians, you simply don’t have what it takes:

OTTAWA – Would-be Canadians need more than just a desire for a better economic future if they expect to be granted refugee status in this country, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday. 

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In other news:

The effete fat-head who once served as Obama’s Secretary of State claims that–wait for it–the Palestinians have done an awesome job at sticking to their promise of non-violence.

Secretary of State John Kerry apologized for suggesting that Israel risks becoming an Apartheid state but this did not satisfy Israel’s distrust of the peace process after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made a new unity agreement with Hamas, which the U.S. recognizes as a terrorist organization.
Church of England Tells Schools to Be ‘Sensitive’ to ‘Communities’ After Hijab Infant Sexualisation Scandal

Church of England Hijab Infant Sexualization Scandal

The Church of England has responded to criticism of the sexualisation of infant students wearing the Islamic headscarf by encouraging its schools to continue setting “culturally and religiously sensitive” uniform policies.

Last week, it was reported that school inspectors will begin speaking to primary school girls wearing hijabs to ascertain why they are covering their hair, amidst concerns children as young as four are forced to cover by teachers and parents.

The Chief Inspector of Schools, Amanda Spielman, said the hijab “could be interpreted as sexualisation of young girls” and should be questioned, as it is not traditionally worn until puberty.

She also explained that schools could also be in breach of equality laws if girls are required to wear religious clothing but boys are not.

Saudi Crown Prince: Iran’s Ayatollah the ‘New Hitler of the Middle East’

A handout picture from February 7, 2017 shows Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on stage during a meeting with air force commandersby BEN KEW,  24 Nov 2017

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman described Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as the “new Hitler of the Middle East” to New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman in an interview published Thursday.

“[Iran’s] supreme leader is the new Hitler of the Middle East,” the prince, commonly referred to by his initials MBS, said in the lengthy interview“We learned from Europe that appeasement doesn’t work. We don’t want the new Hitler in Iran to repeat what happened in Europe in the Middle East.”

Iran has a long history of sponsoring or promoting terrorism across the Middle East, dating back to the country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution.

MBS’s comments come amid escalating tensions between the two countries after Saudi Arabia says its forces intercepted a missile fired from Yemen targeting one of its major airports, which authorities have described as a “blatant act of military aggression” by Iran, acting through its Yemeni proxies.

Trudeau Welcomes ISIS Terrorists Back to Canada

The good news is that civilization has struck back; ISIS has been losing big in Iraq and Syria. The bad news is that many of the terrorists who brought hell to earth in that region are actually citizens of Western nations, i.e., products of Islamic colonization. Now they are headed “home,” battle hardened, experienced, and even more radicalized than they were when they set off to murder and rape on behalf of the caliphate. Islamophile leftists like Justin Trudeau welcome them with open arms:

Opposition leader Andrew Scheer declared “ISIS terrorists are criminals who fought against our country, but they are now being welcomed back to Canada by the prime minister with the promise of reintegration services to help them.”

“Canadians are shocked and alarmed that their government is not taking any steps to protect them. This is the No. 1 job of any government,” Scheer said. …

Conservative lawmaker Pierre Paul-Hus called it “downright insulting” that “60 ISIS fighters have returned to Canada, after having fought Canadian soldiers and our allies.”

No worries; Trudeau explains how he has it all under control:

“We have launched the Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence, which helps to ensure that resources are in place to facilitate disengagement from violent ideologies.”

Barring known terrorists from entering the country would no doubt be Islamophobic.

Ezra Levant has more on the seeds of terrorist atrocities that moonbattery has helped to plant in Canada:

4 thoughts on “Trudeau, Kerry, Hijabbery & Iran’s New Hitler”

  1. Shitbag Turdeau is committing government-funded treason by paying those who intentionally left Canada to join the global crime-gang which had not only formed it’s own sovereign state, but had also openly and quite officially declared war on Canada.

    Not only that, but they had also deliberately chosen to go forth to commit mass-murder against people whom they had never met, and whom had done them no personal harm – fellow muslims, even!

    Treason and “even only” attempted mass-murder, are CRIMES.

    Enabling and encouraging criminals to commit them – much less lucratively rewarding them for their predatory choices – is also a crime, and Turdeau is guilty of aiding mass murder and treason. naturally, the complicit cops are too worried about protecting their own lucrative paychecks, perks, pensions and powers, to ever even think about obeying the actual law, and having him arrested for his crimes against Canada and humanity.

  2. Notice how nobody ever bothers to define this “culture” they so-rabidly pretend to defend?

    It really only means “education.”

    And since education levels may vary – from ignorant to intelligent, from criminal to law-abiding – it’s not some sort of holy ethnic or racial right to remain irresponsibly wrong – culture means indoctrination, and so it should be changed if and when needed!

  3. Re: “Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman described Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as the “new Hitler of the Middle East”

    So what? Bobby Mugabe said he was the Hitler of Africa.

    Turkey’s Erdogpig said he was the new Hitler of Europe.

    Personally, I’d vote that Erdogpig is the most likely candidate and culprit these days, now that Hillary’s no longer in the running!

  4. Re: “The Church of England has responded to criticism of the sexualisation of infant students wearing the Islamic headscarf by encouraging its schools to continue setting “culturally and religiously sensitive” uniform policies.”

    See my short rant about “culture” in general, above!


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