Her fate was sealed the moment she entered the cab

What’s the world coming to? An infidel whore in Beirut, having fun, drinking alcohol, enjoying herself and wearing miniskirt?

Raped and murdered for ‘wearing a short skirt’: Police reveal what Uber driver told them after he was arrested over death of British diplomat in Beirut as sordid details life of his life emerge
  • EXCLUSIVE: The man accused of raping and murdering Rebecca Dykes pictured
  • Tarek Hawchieh was arrested after diplomat’s body found dumped on road side
  • Disturbing pictures show him posing with a gun and performing sex act on fish 
  • Driver reportedly told police Miss Dykes was ‘pretty’ and wearing a ‘short skirt’ 
  • Senior source said Hawchieh said she was ‘easy to rape’ because she was foreign

Smirking as he brandishes a semi-automatic Kalashnikov rifle, this is the Uber driver accused of raping and murdering a young female British diplomat in Lebanon.

Chilling photographs, unearthed by MailOnline, offer a disturbing insight in the life of 29-year-old murder suspect Tarek Hawchieh.

The taxi driver was arrested last week after Rebecca Dykes, 30, was sexually assaulted and strangled to death when she took a cab home from a popular tourist bar in Beirut.

Her body was left dumped on the roadside with local media speculating she had been raped and then tried to run away – only for the suspect to chase her and drag her back to the car before strangling her.

Disturbing: Pictures show 29-year-old murder suspect Tarek Hawchieh proudly posing with a Klashnekov gun

Rebecca Dykes was found dead in Beirut

Hawchief told police he raped Rebecca Dykes (pictured) because she was 'pretty' and foreignVictim: A senior police source told MailOnline Hawchief confessed and said he raped and murdered British diplomat Rebecca Dykes because she ‘pretty’ and foreign

Tragically for Miss Dykes, it appears her fate had been sealed the moment she entered the cab, senior police sources claimed.

‘He said he found her pretty, wearing a short skirt…and so he decided to rape her as it would be easy as she was a foreigner,’ the source told MailOnline.

Hawchieh reportedly confessed almost immediately to Lebanese police that he murdered the diplomat after being confronted with CCTV evidence.

Uber’s app also allegedly linked the driver to her murder along with the footage.  Initial media reports suggested she had been raped at least once.

Speaking outside her home on Friday, his mother Um Hassen said if her son was guilty he belonged ‘behind bars’ as she broke down in tears.

Ms Hassen, who lives in a rundown block of flats in an impoverished suburb of Beirut, said: ‘I’m both frustrated and depressed about what happened. If this is really his fault then he should stay in jail and remain there.’

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Hawchieh was arrested last week after Rebecca Dykes, 30, was sexually assaulted

Hawchieh reportedly confessed almost immediately to Lebanese police that he murdered the diplomat after being confronted with CCTV evidence


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