How long before Europe falls to Islam?

BREAKING: Organisation of Islamic Cooperation calls on int’l community to recognise East Jerusalem as capital of Palestine, says US should withdraw from peace process.  
OIC declares East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation calls on international community as it rejects Trump’s ‘dangerous declaration’.

Israel is not the Aggressor and Everyone Knows That Jerusalem is its Capital

Palestinian and Arab speeches and articles stress, over and over again, that Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital is non-negotiable. “Jerusalem is and will forever be the capital of the Palestinian state… There will be no peace, no stability without that,” Abbas threatened.

All of this points to the supreme folly of Israel accepting the concept of dividing Jerusalem at Camp David.

Hungarian politician posted a photo of a slaughtered pig with George Soros’ name on it 

HUNGARY: Parliament adopts resolution against the ‘Soros plan’ for redistribution of migrants. Viktor Orban’s government expects EU to respect sovereignty of their country!

2017 is coming to an end, the is still unresolved with too many inconsistencies, yet we got footage of the in no time at all.

Londonistan: where did all the speech police go?
CAIR  Gangsters Again Represent NYC Terrorist’s Family
December 12, 2017 Daniel Greenfield In a familiar pattern, CAIR has once again stepped in to speak for a terrorist’s family while hurling accusations against law enforcement. Late Monday afternoon, a man came outside a home on Ocean…

“Eurosion”: Muslim Majority in Thirty Years?

Even if all current 28 EU members, plus Norway and Switzerland, closed their borders to migrants, the Islamic population will continue to exponentiate…. Today, it is an increase of six million in seven years. And tomorrow?
What will happen in major European cities, where the Muslim communities are currently based? Will London, Marseille, Stockholm, Brussels, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Birmingham all have Muslim majorities?
Under the “medium” and “high” projections in Pew’s scenarios, how can Europe preserve all its most precious gifts — freedom of expression, separation of church and state, freedom of conscience, rule of law and equality between men and women?

3 thoughts on “How long before Europe falls to Islam?”

  1. “Hundreds Muslims in London warn Jews that their day to be beheaded by Muslims is coming, Like the Jews of Khaybar – “Khaibar Khaibar ya yahud, jaish…”

    How is it possible for muslims to get away with what is an incitement to murder a group of people – i.e. genocide – and any non-muslim suggesting the same treatment for muslims is guilty in the eyes of UK law of a hate crime?

    Why aren’t UK govt officials charged discrimination?

  2. The Question …
    How long before Europe falls to Islam?” [sic]

    The Answer …
    From WoJ December 13, 2017 article containing link …
    The United Kingdom, much like the rest of Western Europe, now faces an armed revolt.

    Previously – UK’s defence secretary Gavin Williamson sounding SANE – said in an interview – that ISIS fighters and other jihadists who take up arms against the Sovereign should be eliminated …
    Now Please Act On This Sanity
    His colleague Rory Stewart MP said a few months back that there’s only one way to deal with all British jihadists who take up arms against the Crown, that is by hunting them down as military targets.” [sic]

    And (all) the British jihadists marked as Military Targets …
    Must include the “islamophile” traitors who include among their ranks
    … politicians bureaucrats (w)academics and the PC’d dolts who demonstrate (eg. Traitors in support of the islam invasion).
    ∙ After all – these “islamophiles” are the ones who aided and are aiding – who abetted and are abetting the islam invasion of the West
    … to the detriment of Western civilisation and its citizens !!!

    … so the answer to the question (“How long before Europe falls to Islam?“)
    Never is the required good response !!!
    … and relies on when (not if) the required Military Response to the islam invasion is implemented !!!
    … ASAP is – good, very good, excellent !!!

    1. Lets have all
      • islamophiles +
      • islams +
      criminal African Tribals (aka Sudanese and Somalian)
      … as valid military targets !!!
      (as always … these invaders are free to leave @ any time)

      (islamophiles – they are all guilty of treason AND/OR invasion/subversion and [most definitely sedition – every time they demonstrate].)
      (islams – they are all guilty of invasion)
      (criminal African Tribals – they are all guilty of treason AND/OR invasion)

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