Jihad, Cannibalism, Al Azhar & Bacon

St Petersburg explosion: Putin declares supermarket blast was terror attack

THE Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that an explosion in a Saint Petersburg supermarket that injured 13 people was a terror attack.
Al Azhar imam spills the beens: cannibalism & abject hatred of Christianity is part of the curriculum at Islam’s most prestigious university:
NYC jihad bomber is now recruiting for jihad in prison 
Federal prosecutors say the man who was convicted of setting off a bomb in Manhattan that injured 30 people last year has been attempting to radicalize…– Geller Report
Italy: Muslim migrant climbs Christmas tree to remove its cross
The cross is offensive to Muslims, since the Qur’an says that Jesus did not die on the cross: “And their saying, ‘Indeed, we have killed the Messiah, Jesus,…

HATE CRIME: Man PROSECUTED for “Eating Bacon” in front of ISLAMIST women 

A man in Stockholm has been charged for eating bacon in front of Muslim women. The women reporting him to the authorities as it made them feel…– This Is England