Milo, Dastyari, Triggs & Labor MP Ann Aly

“We really do have to come to terms with the fact that we need to bring them home, we need to bring them to Australia.”

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‘Bring them home’: Triggs calls for Manus Island refugees to come to Australia

Wouldn’t you love to drown Triggsy in her own vomit?

Australia’s former head of the Human Rights Commission has called the government’s treatment of Manus Island detainees “inhumane”, insisting the men be brought to Australia.

The last of about 300 men refusing to leave the now-closed detention facility were forcibly removed nearly two weeks ago, ending a tense three-week stand-off and joined hundreds of others already moved to alternative accommodation sites.

“We really do have to come to terms with the fact that we need to bring them home, we need to bring them to Australia,” former Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs told ABC’s Q and A program on Monday night.

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Moslem Labor MP Ann Aly the failed de-radicalisation “expert” who writes character references for convicted Jihadis in SuperMax caught with mobile phones only submitted her request to the Egyptian government to renounce her citizenship on 24/5/16 just 14 days before the nomination cut off date of 9/6/16 before the 2/7/16 election.

Does anyone except #LiarBill and Labor think the Egyptians gave her the confirmation (she hasn’t provided yet) in writing that she required in 14 days?

Why do 25 per cent of Australians feel negativity towards Muslims?

Our fake news TeeVee cooks the numbers any which way it suits them. 25% is fake. The real numbers are up to 80%.

A major report into social cohesion has shed light on the number of Australians reporting racism and how some feel about Muslims.
 “He called Clementine Ford a “c—“, pointed out that aboriginal art is “s—“, called Waleed Aly an “idiot and a coward”, referred to the refugees invading Europe as “low-skilled sand wizards”, made jokes about said “low-skilled sand wizards” molesting donkeys in Western petting zoos, and lampooned the near-death Hillary Clinton.”

Milo rocks Melbourne 

Last night I attended the Melbourne show of Milo Yiannopoulos’ Troll Academy Tour at the Melbourne Pavilion in Kensington. I was accompanied by several friends, including Matty from Matty’s Modern Life.– XYZ

Senator Sam Dastyari hounded top defence officials with questions on China’s concerns over 115 times

Halal Sam is an agent of Iran in the service of China paid by our taxpayer dollars….

Sam Dastyari hounded senior defence officials with at least 115 questions representing China’s concerns about issues such as the South China Sea and Australia’s friendship with Japan over a three-year period.

Continue Reading (Sharri Markson, The Daily Telegraph December 07 2017)

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Billions? Seriously. Billions?

An editorial in a state-run Chinese paper said Australian institutions were treating Chinese students as a “cash machine” while doing little to help them mix with locals.

Beijing’s warning to Aussie unis

In a veiled threat to Australian universities, a state-run Chinese newspaper has warned that their treatment of the country’s students is jeopardising billions…
In other news:

Prince Charles: “Let’s remember Muhammad on Christmas”

Christians are quite mindful of Muhammad and Islam during the Christmas season. Tis the season of jihad, rivaled only by Ramadan in the spike in… – Geller Report

“The inhumanity has reached a level where as a nation we have to respond … it’s not Australian and we’re seriously in breach of our international obligations.”

Humanitarian agencies have warned Australia’s political leaders the refugees and asylum seekers are at grave risk of an impending mental crisis.

The warning comes after the advocates returned from a week in Papua New Guinea and delivered a bleak assessment about the “most insidious and deep impact” indefinite detention is having on about 600 men.

Dramatic scenes inside Manus Island detention centre

Labor Senator Lisa Singh called it a “human rights catastrophe” and urged the government to take up New Zealand’s offer to home 150 refugees.


“It is absolutely amazing that you have a third country settlement option in New Zealand, an offer that was made under the previous conservative New Zealand government and now under the Labour New Zealand government, and Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton are refusing to take it up,” Ms Singh said on Q and A.

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  1. Another big WTF moment brought to you by those pathetic dunderheads at the Australian Human Rights Commission.
    Those phoney so called refugees do not belong in Australia and should be sent back to their own country’s. They try every pathetic trick in the book to make it to welfare friendly Australia.
    The HRC should be abolished and anybody who supports this human flotsam should be sent packing as well.

  2. I suggest that we send all the pro-Islam protestors and “human rights” activists (who don’t give a rats about our human right not to be bullied by Islam) to rural Afghanistan for 6 months. I’ll chip in $50 for their living expenses. I’m sure they’ll have such a wonderful time that they won’t want to come back. I hope.

  3. The Australian Human Rights Commission is very fast to sue anybody for anything at any time just because it doesn’t reflect their narrow view of the world. They are nothing more than a bureaucratic cash register for the hurt feelings brigade.
    Biggest oxygen thieves in Australia.

  4. So Triggs wants to bring them “home”.
    Am I to understand she is offering to put them up herself in her own home in
    Kirribilli, Neutral Bay, Mosman or Rose Bay perhaps? The cultural enrichment and diversity woul do Gillian and her ilk a lot of good.
    So professor Nick Reimer of Sydney university’s department of English was one of the protesting thugs at Lilyfield. A real credit to this institution he is too. Is there any wonder why our universities are turning out brain dead idiots.

  5. She should have said :

    “We really do have to come to terms with the fact that we need to send them home, “

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