The Day After the Day of Infamy

Bill Muehlenberg’s commentary on issues of the day…

December 7, 2017 will go down as a day in infamy, as I wrote yesterday. Fake marriage was voted through in the Federal Parliament, after several days of debate in which various amendments were all voted down. Sodomy has been legalised while freedoms of all kinds have been declared to be worthless in the eyes of most politicians.

Very disturbing: the way the abomination of homo ‘marriage’ was forced through parliament and the fanatical frenzy by which it was celebrated shows the dark underbelly of the Australian ruling class.


What’s going to change in Australia with Homo-marriage?
In the space of just a few decades, homosexuality has gone from being a criminal offence to a psychological disorder, to an acceptable way of life, to today, the ‘new virtue’. Without doubt, we are living in a time of massive moral and cultural change.
The day after the marriage law was changed by the Australian Parliament, “Dolly Doctor”, Melissa Kang, wrote: “The marriage equality bill has passed, and the mandate to deliver inclusive sexuality education in schools is more pressing than ever. LGBTQI+-inclusive sexuality education should embrace diversity in the classroom, the staff-room and in whole-of-school policies.”

December 7, 2017 will go down as a day in infamy, as I wrote yesterday. Fake marriage was voted through in the Federal Parliament, after several days of debate in which various amendments were all voted down. Sodomy has been legalised while freedoms of all kinds have been declared to be worthless in the eyes of most politicians.

Yesterday was one of the most despicable days in Australian history, and it certainly will go down as the day the federal Liberal Party died. There is now nothing conservative about this party, and as I have said before, the handful of true conservatives should get out NOW, and the remainder should join with Labor and the Greens to form a super left party. They deserve each other.

A very tiny handful of courageous MPs – all Liberals and Nationals – did vote no, while most of the others went with the other side of the House, or just abstained from voting altogether. The Fearless Four who deserve all our praise and thanks are: Russell Broadbent from Victoria, and three Queenslanders: Keith Pitt, David Littleproud, and Bob Katter.

Sadly a number of other Liberals including Tony Abbott abstained from voting and simply left the chamber. One write-up says this about those who did so:

When it came to the final vote on same-sex marriage, it was standing room only on the “yes” side of the House of Representatives, while a lonely group of just four “no” voters perched on the other side. But some MPs were missing from the historic event. The House of Representatives does not officially record MPs who abstain, but is estimated about 14 MPs did not vote on the same-sex marriage bill.
This included some of Parliament’s most high profile “no” advocates, including Treasurer Scott Morrison, former prime minister Tony Abbott and former defence minister Kevin Andrews. Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce was also among the group, along with renegade Liberal Nationals MP George Christensen, conservative West Australian Liberal Andrew Hastie and Assistant Health Minister David Gillespie.
Government frontbenchers Michael Sukkar and Alex Hawke are also understood to have abstained from the vote on Thursday evening. Former Labor treasurer Wayne Swan – a supporter of same-sex marriage – was also missing from the final vote. He was not in Parliament on Thursday, but was given a “pair”, meaning another MP on the government side also sat the vote out.
While abstaining could be interpreted as fence-sitting on a controversial issue, many MPs have explained they chose to forgo their votes to try and accommodate both their personal views on same-sex marriage and the clear majority “yes” vote in the postal survey. Others have added that had the bill been amended to include more protections for freedom of speech and religion, they may have voted differently.

Persecution assured

One of the most reprehensible features of yesterday’s Black Thursday was the horrific contempt for Australia’s Christians, with all the amendments proffered voted down. These included offering protections for schools, businesses, marriage celebrants, and parents.

Bob Katter summed it up perfectly when he said, “Mr Speaker, I repeat for the third time, every single effort to protect religious freedom has been denigrated today. I would like to ask the Christians in Australia to remember not one time did the parliament protect them today.”

Absolutely. What utter contempt they have for the majority of Australians who still identify as Christians. Yet one pro-faux marriage supporter after another, from Turnbull on down, all assured us that religious freedoms would not be touched. They lied through their teeth.

And of course the other side – who assured us every day that legalising fake marriage has absolutely nothing to do with how our children are taught, and so on – have lost absolutely no time in now presenting their very lengthy laundry lists. Their lists of demands are everything we said they would be.

For example, consider this opinion piece found on today’s SBS site. The headline says it all: “Opinion: We have marriage equality, now we need LGBTQI+-inclusive sexuality education in schools.” The author goes on to discuss how our school system needs a radical overhaul to ensure all things homosexual and transgender are everywhere promoted and asserted.

Another article has this headline: “Australia has finally achieved marriage equality, but there’s a lot more to be done on LGBTI rights.” The author also has a long list of demands that she now expects to be fully implemented – or else. She concludes:

We should celebrate and enjoy the fact that Australia finally has marriage equality. But it is by no means the end of the road when it comes to the law reform necessary to enable LGBTI people to enjoy lives of dignity and equality.
Birth certificates that accurately reflect a child’s family, bans on conversion therapies, removal of religious exemptions from anti-discrimination legislation, and prohibitions on surgeries to “normalise” an intersex infant’s genitalia are just some of the issues that need to be fixed before Australia’s LGBTI community can fully enjoy their human rights.

As I have warned for so many years, homosexual marriage is a package deal, and all these other agenda items will of necessity be insisted on. See here eg.,

Along with all these radical agenda items, consider all the hate now being churned out against those who dared to vote ‘no’. Anyone who argued for the ‘no’ case is being inundated with vile hatred and abuse. And this from the side that claims to be so heavily into love, acceptance and tolerance.

For example, a very popular tweet making the rounds right now has to do with the head of the ACL, Lyle Shelton, eating sh*t. I kid you not. There are plenty of folks running with this, including the darlings of the lamestream media. Regular Melbourne Age columnist Clementine Ford lovingly tweeted, “Eat sh*t Lyle.” Another MSM writer, Benjamin Law, graciously put it this way: “Now I am become Lyle, the eater of sh*t.”

Another tolerant and loving tweeter amplified this a bit: “Eat sh*t, Lyle. Lyle, eat sh*t. Lyle Shelton can eat some sh*t. You lost. Your outdated, bigotted views lost. Please go and eat some sh*t. Love won. You’re exceptionally irrelevant now and also just the worst.”

‘Love won!’ Ha! Yeah, we can all see that. Feel the lurve baby. Of course I too have not escaped the fruit of the tolerance brigade. One guy for example sent this comment in to my site:

An absolutely beautiful day for democracy.
You vile angry people have been deservedly defeated,
You are the Pharisees the Lord warned against. A pox upon your anti-Christian views
Rot in the hell of your hate.

As we all predicted, if the anti-Christian hatred and bigotry was bad before the legalisation of fake marriage, it will now get far, far worse.

Where to for Christians?

So how might Christians respond to all this? I have been telling church leaders and Christian organisations for years now they should have been thinking long and hard about all these matter, and not wait until it is too late. Well, now we HAVE to think and act.

Few have even considered any this so far. A few have however. I have mentioned that the Presbyterians have been considering their responses to this, saying they would pull out of the state marriage game altogether. One local Presbyterian pastor in Tasmania has already put pen to paper on this, and made a stand.

Campbell Markham of Hobart’s Cornerstone Church wrote a week ago about how he would resign from the Marriage Act and send a letter to the Attorney General to that effect. The letter includes this:

Today, with profound sadness, as the Governor General signs into law the redefinition of the institution of marriage in the Commonwealth Marriage Act, I resign my status as a Minister of Religion registered under the Act, and relinquish my Celebrant’s Number, T2816. I thereby revoke my right to conduct weddings as a recognised agent of the Act, and sever any other official connection to it. I resign for three reasons:
1) The “Commonwealth Marriage Act” is from today no longer concerned with marriage: with the exclusive, lifelong union of one man and one woman, freely entered into….
2) The Sacred Scriptures clearly delineate what sexual activity God has determined to be right and wrong. Sexual intercourse was given by the Creator to one man and one woman joined in marriage. Fornication, adultery, prostitution, incest, and homosexual practice is forbidden as a misuse of our reproductive organs and sexual desires….
3) The novel Act will be a root and tool of injustice. It is not just for adults to unnecessarily give up their responsibility to love and raise the children that they conceive. In fact it is manifestly cruel to abandon one’s offspring in this way. The novel “Marriage Act” legitimises and institutionalises this injustice. Nor is it just to unnecessarily sever a child from their biological heritage: from their natural family tree of parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. The novel Act legitimises this injustice….

He concludes:

Today the bright star of marriage sets behind the dank horizon of blind and selfish populism. It is a day to weep. But it is not a day to despair. For marriage is obscured, not destroyed. In time we will see again what today we despise. In time God’s gift of marriage will once again arise in the collective heart of our nation, to be respected and enjoyed for the incalculable treasure that it is. For this bright distant dawn all Christians will work and pray.

He clearly has thought this through. Now all the rest of Australia’s Christian pastors, priests and leaders need to think carefully about what is the way ahead in this time of increasing darkness, immorality, and state-sanctioned anti-Christian bigotry.

The way ahead is how Christians always faced hatred and persecution: we cling to Christ even more, plead for his grace, seek to stay true to God and his word, and pray for those who persecute us. The days ahead will be very hard indeed, but we will persevere.