Whitewashing FGM in Canada

The video below shows an excerpt from a hearing in the Canadian parliament. The woman asking the questions is Michelle Rempel, a member of the Conservative party for Alberta. The man answering her questions (or rather, not answering them) is Ahmed Hussen, the National President of the Canadian Somali Congress as well as Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

You’ll notice Mr. Hussen’s dogged, unshakeable persistence in refusing to answer any question in any meaningful way. Moreover, he never gives the slightest indication that the bureaucracy he is responsible for is even mildly opposed to female genital mutilation.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for annotating and uploading this video:

One thought on “Whitewashing FGM in Canada”

  1. What a liar – of course the Citizenship Guide already exists; any new ones are revisions, not new ones which “don’t exist” yet.

    In Canada, Western non-muslim female doctors line up to perform it for them!

    “Culturally Sensitive” female Canadian gynecologists provide legal FGM!


    Justine Turdeau enjoyed her FGM experience.
    Liberals are fascists.

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