Islamisation of Europe Means White Genocide

…and the eradication of 2000 years of civilisation, culture, the Judea-Christian culture & morality.

United Nations refugee chief Filippo Grandi has said that EU nations must prepare their asylum reception systems to cope with bigger migrant inflows.

Pure evil. Telling indigenous Europeans to aid and support their own demise. How does this creature sleep at night?

Speaking to Refugees Deeply in Davos, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said the “big failure” in Europe’s response to the migrant crisis in 2015 and 2016 was that governments visibly struggled to house, feed, and clothe the massive influx of third world migrants who marched on the continent after German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the border.

“We need to work more with Europe, and other countries that receive refugees, to make reception systems more effective for larger numbers than before,” he said, lamenting that migrant reception systems in the bloc had “cracked under the pressure” of huge inflows.

UN Refugee Chief Says Europe Must Prepare Systems to Cope with Bigger Migrant Flows

UN refugee chief Filippo Grandi has said that EU nations must prepare their asylum reception systems to cope with bigger migrant inflows. – Breitbart
Open borders to remain “inviolable principle” of the EU, no matter how bad the migrant crisis and terrorism become. 


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White genocide. That’s what the Muslim invasion of Western countries is.
Attilio Fontana made the remarks in a radio interview.
I ran out of swearwords to curse this degenerate swine.
The Soros Plan Is a Satanic Assault on Europe, Says Hungarian Lawmaker

Hungarian government minister András Aradszki told parliament that is was a ‘Christian duty to struggle against the Satanic Soros Plan’.

Permanent and mandatory relocation quotas for “all member states”

Prime minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán blasted the European Parliament for adopting changes to the bloc’s asylum system which the Hungarian government sees as the implementation of the ‘Soros Plan’ to flood the continent with an unlimited number of third-world migrants.

UN chief unveils plan to promote global mass migration
United Nations Secretary General António Guterres has unveiled his plan to promote global mass migration in the left-liberal Guardian newspaper…
Europe needs mass Muslim migration to pay its pensions. Out of the 1.2 million migrants who flooded into Germany in 2016, only “34,000 or 2.8% have found a job,” while only one-third of 1% found jobs in Sweden. In Britain, migrants were found to be “a net drain…on the order of between £115 and £160 billion.”
‘Forcing Migrants on Nations Will Mean the End of the EU’: Polish President

Lets hope they stand by their principles.

Bulgaria Seeks Allies To Defend Against Turkish Invasion of Europe 

11 thoughts on “Islamisation of Europe Means White Genocide”

  1. “Diversity” IS racism!

    Let’s assume (because it’s true) that each “race” or ethnic breed of human is simply the result of different families growing up in different geographical areas, where different traits were needed to survive: in the hot lands where food was plentiful, being lazy, impulsive, and promiscuous was the key to survival. Laziness was a bonus because of over-heating, and patience was needed both for fishing and for hunting (which mostly involved falling asleep near the local watering-hole, and waiting for animals to come down for a drink anyway). Impulsiveness was needed for when on occasion a snake or panther would drop out of the trees to eat one – since fighting wasn’t an option, running away and hoping they’d eat the slower members of one’s family (even one’s own offspring had to be abandoned without further thought) was the only logical survival response. And since those problems existed, but so did copious amounts of food, being promiscuous and winning the survival game by creating and abandoning offspring was the way to win with quantity over quality.

    Compare that to the cold lands, where food (and natural animal enemies) were scarce – in such a place, being lazy, impulsive, and promiscuous wouldn’t work, and would in fact get one killed off pretty quick. There, one needed to plan ahead, save up food, and limit the number of mouths to feed.

    So today, pretending these different sorts of families are all the same, and so should all be brought together into one big happy lump, to breed out the differences, (because it would be mean not to) will have only one result: the larger, lazier, more impulsive and promiscuous family will dilute the smaller, smarter one into nonexistence – which result seems to be the libertine criminals’ intended plan anyway.

  2. This is why governments still fund 50% of “higher education!” Because both corporations and governments WANT people to be psychopaths – people who are always instinctively willing to compromise and Submit to Authority, who can be guaranteed to always want to go along to get along, and who will never, ever, challenge the status quo by attempting to actually solve any real problems, or accuse any real criminals of their crimes, that’s why!

  3. I swear, Unk, you have a way of distilling reality and getting drunk on it. 😉

    Europe is full of self selected Morons, Cowards & sheeple. The intelligent and adventurous Euros hauled ass to America long ago, leaving them behind.

    Roughly 60 years ago they were told by the ruling and chattering classes, that Malthus was right and the global population was outstripping food production. The world was gonna starve and they had to save it by Fking for fun ‘stedda reproduction. Contraception and abortion became the new norm.

    Now the European baby boomers are aging outta the workforce and there are fewer employed youth to finance their pensions and old age homes with taxes.

    Simultaneously, they ruined their economies with Socialism so there are fewer jobs for the few younguns to fill. Smaller populations mean smaller markets and economies.

    Being Morons, Euros could not comprehend the fact that choking the chicken while Arabs, Chinks & Niggers bred like rabbits was not gonna solve the perceived problem.

    “Yeah! The Niggers gonna fill our factories & stores and man our retirement homes, hospitals and nursing homes while we ride the rocking chair!!!”.

    But their purported saviors come to ride the gravy train, not fuel and maintain it. They are unsuited by education, aptitude & attitude for most productive employment. Those enlisted to care for Granny will rape and torture her, not nurture 🙁

    They will give her AIDS & antibiotic resistant TB insteadda good care. Look out 4 hemorrhagic fever, Marburg & River Blindness. Look out for Guinea Worm. Untreated tropical diseases carried by yer saviors will torment the remaining lives of yer few younguns. Yes, the Plague is returning with them, too.

    Europe’s suffering is just beginning, consequence of Morons electing Morons to govern them.

    Of cuss, we ain’t far behind them, facing a future of Zika virus, Yellow Fever, A.R. TB & Chagas brought North by Wet Backs.

    If we are to be saved from a horrible fate, changes must be made. Minimum standards must be set and met for entry into the academic, news media, jurisprudence, government office and religious ministry. Only those with USCF ELO =>1300 and able to pass the character exam needed to join their local Masonic Lodge should be admitted.

    1. I agree with yer entire rant, of cuss, except for the last bit – don’t yer Masonic brethren keep a Koran on a pedestel in yer lodges?
      FFS! Why, if not fer the target practice?! So I’m not convinced yer tests have been able to exclude Morons from the ranks, bud!


      1. Only in Dearbornistan, India & Israel where there are majority Muslim Lodges, Unk. The British army had military lodges almost everywhere they went. A few locals joined and some of those Lodges continue after the Empire crumbled.

        But when one petitioned a Lodge for initiation, he had to be recommended by someone who knew him well, he was interviewed and his business references got letters of inquiry. Then he had to memorize the ritual of the ° and pass an oral examination b4 he could advance to the next °. Few mountbanks got through.

        It’s a ritual, Unk, just like taking an oath on the Bible b4 testiying in court. The idea is that belief in a supreme being who will getcha in the end if ya violate yer oath makes ya more likely to be faithful. For that purpose, it don’t matter if the faith is false & fabricated if the swearer believes it.

  4. The only solution (I say again … and again … and again)
    … because they won’t desist by their own choice … as history indicates !!!

    Incarcerate the islamophile political cultural marxist/multiculturalist politicians bureaucrats (w)academics (aka authorities) !
    (you know the ones who are aiding and abetting the invading islams and the diversifying (kill whitey) criminal African tribal savages entry into and retention in Australia !)
    … they are guilty of TREASON SEDITION AND SUBVERSION against you/us/we/Australia !

    • Stop the immigration of invading islams into Australia and expel the invader islams already here !

    • Stop the diversifying (kill whitey) criminal African tribal savages immigration into Australia and expel the diversifying (kill whitey) criminal African tribal savages already here !

    1. and if all else fails
      … ever imagined herding cats !
      … sniper control !!
      … however these invaders and diversifiers may decide to “simply leave” !!! 🙂

  5. ‘The debt Germany owes Africa’.

    Give me a break.

    The only infrastructure Africa has was built by Whites, including the Roman empire. In the 20th century, when the Whites were driven out by the Communist revolutions, Africa reverted to what Africa always has been.

    And they can not maintain the infrastructure the Whites built for their colonies. Africa is a bottomless money pit for loans from European banks, welfare and insurgencies.

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