Mohammedan Enrichment, It Never Stops!

“Progress” in Turkey:
Turkey’s directorate of religious affairs says that under Islamic law, girls as young as nine can marry

Meanwhile, in Egypt:

Egypt: Muslim murders two Christians in New Year’s attack on liquor store: A gunman killed two Copts celebrating the New Year in an Egyptian alcohol shop early on Monday, judicial and security sources said, the latest deadly violence….

Joshua Boyle facing multiple charges, including assault, confinement

Freed hostage Joshua Boyle is currently in police custody,…
This SOB was no hostage. He joined the Taliban. He’s a traitor. An enemy combatant. He should be in Gitmo. 
It will be interesting to see how Shrillary explains the fire yesterday. Did they botch another attempt to destroy evidence? Did Willie have a hooker over who was smoking in bed? Can’t wait for the excuses.

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  1. Told ya … about Boyle. I knew that monstrosity wouldn’t be on the ground six months before we’d start hearing about him.

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