The Myth of Aboriginal Exceptionalism

In Australia in the current year you are not allowed at all to speak plainly or accurately about anything to do with Aboriginal people. This is because of the myth of Aboriginal exceptionalism. The way you must speak is roughly as follows:

Aboriginal people represent the longest continuous culture on the planet and were masters of land management and living in harmony with the environment. They are a deeply spiritual people, and have strong kinship networks which are impossib

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The Myth of Aboriginal Exceptionalism 

This article was originally published on 26/11/2016. Unless perhaps you live in the Mesolithic Period in an outback Aboriginal community, you will no doubt have heard of the City of Fremantle’s recent decision to move Australia Day…
The Australia Day Racket
Its not about this date or another. This is an organised attack by feral nutjobs, communist malcontents, Mohammedan agitprops and enemies of civilised society denying our right to exist on our own soil. It is about disenfranchisement and denying the birthright of our kids.

Paid to wallow in misery

The grievance industry is an industry of grievance. So without grievance there is no industry. That’s why this mob will never be happy. When things are great they’ll be out of taxpayer-funded jobs.

Check the muslima out in the accompanying photos. Isn’t she guilty of one of the Left’s worst imaginable crimes….cultural appropriation???? In an earlier edition she said she could relate to aboriginal hurt feelings because, as “a Palestinian” they’ve had their land stolen off them too!!!!

BULLSHIT….there’s no such people as Palestinians, just Yasser Arafat’s pliable sheep. She’s in good company…..Australia’s serial race baiter, Adam Goodes. White people have been so bad to that millionaire.

Thousands gather for Sydney ‘Invasion Day’ protest march
THOUSANDS of activists, joined by former Swans footy stars Adam Goodes and Michael O’Loughlin, have joined an Invasion Day march which is moving from…
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“You government people there in the Parliament House, come out here to the desert and find the real heat,” he said.
“The Government doesn’t want to work with us. They just sit in a fully flash air-conditioning.”

Well, they never had air conditioning before our ancestors arrived, so why complain about desert heat now!!

‘A dark history’: What remote Aboriginal communities think of Australia Day

Indigenous leaders in remote Northern Territory say they will not be celebrating Australia Day.

‘F..k Australia, hope it burns to the ground’, Melbourne rally told

INVASION Day protesters have been told Australia “does not deserve” a national day, as thousands of people marched on state Parliament.

3 thoughts on “The Myth of Aboriginal Exceptionalism”

  1. I wonder what the protestors hope to achieve? I don’t feel in the least bit sorry or guilty for what happened before I was even born. It is what it is. Aboriginal welfare is a sink hole for taxpayers money with next to nothing in return. What do they want? Do they know? Or is this just a whinge fest that will never go away? Many aborigines are useful and productive members of society. The whingers and complainers should follow their example.

  2. Just as North America’s “Indigenous/Native” victims of whitey are really only displaced Asians, so, too, are Australia’s poor oppressed minority Abos merely displaced Dravidians (Hindus).

    Neither group exactly qualifies as a frikkin’ global minority!!!

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