“We’re f—ing your grandmother, that’s what we are doing.”


“What are we doing here?” one of Melbourne’s vibrant multicultural youths snaps in response to Herald Sunreporter Aaron Langmaid’s polite question. “We’re f—ing your grandmother, that’s what we are doing.”

This lad is a member of Melbourne’s colourful Nubian community, currently delighting the western suburbs with their exotic diversity antics:

The group was an ominous presence, leering, yelling, leaning on fences, throwing rocks, spouting obscenities.

Nearby, the footpath was littered with “nangs” — little canisters that hold nitrous oxide, normally used in whipped cream siphons but which can be easily inhaled for a quick buzz.

But these African youths have been getting their thrills in other ways, too.

For months, they have been congregating in large numbers late into the night.

Locals say they zero in on innocent residents jogging past or walking their dogs, mounting verbal or even physical attacks without rhyme or reason.

A man attacked by three African teens two months ago was repeatedly punched and kicked, and suffered a major eye injury.

Residents who avoid the area are quick to dismiss critics who argue that the escalation in crime isn’t linked to African youths.

“They are out of control,” Paul Singh, 34, said.

“They should be punished or sent home. But here they are — not scared of anybody.

“It’s terror,” he said.

Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville has many deep thoughts on the issue:

Ms Neville said the over-representation of African youths in crime figures had been of “significant concern to us and to Victoria Police”.

“We’ve had additional investment in the gang squad and in intelligence measures in order to try and disrupt their behaviour,” she said.

“We’ve got to stop the sort of offending we’re seeing.”

Yes. That’s your job. Labor types are suddenly worried – mainly because an election is due later this year, and Premier Dan Andrews is looking increasingly foolish:

The renewed youth crime wave has reignited simmering concerns in government ranks about Mr Andrews’ emphasis on his ­social agenda ahead of bread-and-butter issues.

“We’ve got African gangs running wild and he’s going on about equality and social policy,” one Labor MP said.

Former federal immigration minister Kevin Andrews predicted much of this more than ten years ago. As J.F. Beck notes, The Age at the time slammed him as a racist.


Crime and punishment

African crime gangs out of control? The solution is simple, writes retired Melbourne barrister Peter Faris. Apply the law to African youth gangs and encourage proper sentencing. African youths, when faced with harsh punishment — any punishment — will cease breaking the law. It’s a simple application of the old law-and-order position: lock a few of them up now and the rest will cease their criminal behaviour. South Sudanese mother Aluel Kuol has another suggestion: she believes gathering her four boys around the dinner table each night to eat and talk together as a family keeps the lines of communication open with her children. The single mother believes this is one of the most ­important factors in keeping them out of trouble. Ms Kuol, the secretary of the Dinka Union Community in Victoria, has joined other South Sudanese leaders in urging parents and elders in her community to do more to address spiralling youth crime.

Really. That’s a simpletons ‘solution’,  which is no  solution at all. As you can see above, these creatures fear nothing. Jail doesn’t change anything. Instant deportations might. Vigilante would be even better. If a few dozen of them would be disappeared the rest of them might get the message.


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