A Million Parasites for Ireland

by Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna

A Million Parasites for Ireland

by Michael Copeland

“It’s our big vision”, said Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, “for how we want to reshape Ireland over the next two decades.” And what is this “big vision”? A mass migration of a million plus over the next 22 years at a cost of €116 billion.

“We want to reshape Ireland,” says Mr. Varadkar. Who are the WE? And why does Ireland have to be “reshaped”? Did the Irish vote for that? Are they going to be cajoled and browbeaten with upbeat spin to “celebrate” being “reshaped”. Will they be told, Merkel-style, “We can do it!”? Will they be shamed, Cameron-style, for being “too many white Christian faces”? Will they be instructed, Sarkozy-style, that they HAVE TO make mixed-race marriages?

A former Irish Attorney-General, the late tainted Peter Sutherland, set out, in bullying manner, his views:

“The days of hiding behind borders and fences are long gone. We have to work together and cooperate together to make a better world. …States have to become more open states, in terms of the people who inhabit them;… sovereignty is an illusion… sovereignty is an absolute illusion that has to be put behind us.”

Sutherland’s taint came from his creating and running the deceptively named UN “Global Forum for Migration and Development”. The deceptiveness is in the word “Development”. The unwary listener is intended to impute a favourable intent: the word, of course, also covers population replacement: that is, after all, a form of development.

In Sutherland’s view the “EU should be doing its best to undermine ….a sense of homogeneity and difference from others…” This is nation-destruction.

No deal. “We want to reshape Ireland” is an appalling and dishonest metaphor that disguises nation-breaking, and dresses it up as a wonderful shared “big vision”. This is Population Replacement — you know, otherwise called Ethnic Cleansing. The luckless taxpayers of recently bankrupt Eire will have to pay not only to be colonized by their replacements, but to maintain these cleansers for years and years on welfare. At the same time they will be browbeaten to permit polygamy, child marriage, genital mutilation, and niqab oppression on the spurious grounds of “religious tolerance”. Sexual violence against women and children will drive them to shrink inside their homes, not use swimming pools, and refrain from attending music festivals, while thuggery will carve out the familiar no-go zones that the mainstream media frantically deny. That is how Sharia is inflicted de facto, by subterfuge and violence, without any debate, and without any Act of Parliament. This has been the pattern in Germany, France and the UK. The precedent is there. See it.

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7 thoughts on “A Million Parasites for Ireland”

  1. No parasites (islams or criminal African tribals) anywhere !!!

    do you [unbelievers of isalm] really want islams in your country
    NO !
    and why would you !

    treasonous/seditious/subversive islamophiles !
    … off with their heads !

    … stop the islam invasion !
    … stop the criminal African tribal diversification !
    … remove (by every means possible) the ones already here !

    1. islam’s in ghettos
      (putting aside the fact that nobody wants the islams anywhere in the first place – except islamophiles and our authorites and a certain “Concerned citizen” !)

      the fact that – islams congregate together (is not a bad thing)
      … in where they live !
      … in where they prey (upon unbelievers of islam) !

      nudgy” !

      Otherwise the islams will (“peacefully“)
      • One … (forceably) convert you to islam OR
      • Two … (forceably) enslave/subjugate you to islam OR
      (and you must show “joy” more “joy” and yet more “joy” during and after enslavement/subjugation happens) OTHERWISE
      • Three … (forceably) rape pillage murder you (gender/age irrelevant)

      Otherwise the diversifying criminal African tribals will do what they are doing in South Africa (for example)
      … diversification (kill whitey … they even publicly sing songs about it )

      It is called being islam aware !!!
      It is called being culturally aware !!!
      It is not pretending to be an ostrich !!!
      It is being aware of how different groups in the world behave !!!
      It is definitely NOT being politically or culturally marxist/multi culturally inclined (ie The islamophile “group renown for being suicidally inclined)

      islamophiles MUST be incarcerated for Treason/Sedition/Subversion !!!
      Seriously !!!

  2. The “Open State” would be great if those entities (peoples, ideologies, religions, lobbies) entering our nation had opened theirs. Therefore globalism is dangerous. The EU+UN know it very well! That’s why they are media for the anihilation of the European People and the Western Civilisation in general.

  3. Now THIS could be interesting! I can’t see the Micks, with their own history of terroristic responses to oppression, putting up with being diluted by muslim foreigners, any more than they put up with being diluted by Brits! Perhaps at last we’ll see an appropriate response from a Western populace – one their globalist patsy “leaders” might even be forced to listen to!

  4. Liberalism is sedition. They teach each other in the colleges the lie that “nations” and “nationalism” causes all wars, so, to eliminate these evil restrictive borders which cause jealousy and greed, all they have to do is to eliminate all sovereign nations and countries (which were invented by evil white racists during the Enlightenment, just to apartheid and oppress all the peaceful swarthy noble collectivist tribal savages) in order for there to finally be “peace!” And sedition is still illegal.

    And “globalism” is obviously, by definition, treason to any and all sovereign nations and their peoples!

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