Europe or EUrabia?

Just how totalitarian left have Western nations become?

Have you seen the Tommy Robinson clip in Germany? If not, please do so now. It is inspiring and important. Like a flashlight in a tunnel.

Vlad Tepes Video

Berlusconi “Illegal migrants are a time bomb”

In other news:
“Jihad Jack” wants to come home:
Canadian diplomats have made contact with a British-Canadian man who allegedly joined ISIS in Syria — and who is now pleading with the government to secure his release from prison and allow him to come to Canada, CBC News has learned.
Kathy Zhu, a freshman student at the University of Central Florida (UCF), recently faced a Twitter campaign calling for her expulsion after she critically questioned a “try on a hijab” event on campus.
Once Catholic Ireland:

Once great Britain:

Infamous ISIS Murderer was “Child Refugee” in UK 


Muslim migrant rapes 13-year-old girl after being released from prison for attempted rape