France – Paris suburbs are now ‘States within a state’ due to Islam

Good news: Marion is back

Note: Here is an excerpt from The Guardian’s article on Marion’s speech:

Maréchal-Le Pen claimed French sovereignty was under siege. “France is no longer free today,” she proclaimed. “After 1500 years of existence, we now must fight for our independence.”

– In her speech to CPAC, Marion Le Pen did not echo the worst views of Jean-Marie. However, she did say that the France of today, with its political correctness and large-scale influx of immigrants, is not the France “our grandparents fought for.”

She means “our ancestors”, “those who came before us”. How foolish and uneducated to misinterpret her words.

…the sharia is now the law of the land, at least in these no-go zones, which according to the French establishment don’t exist.

“The French must accept Islam. The refusal of multiculturalism is treason.”

Macron’s threat is not so far removed from Sarkozy’s infamous speech in 2008 in which he told the French people they had to “mix” together, live together with foreigners or suffer the consequences from an avenging Republic. This was the speech on “métissage”, a word that translates “miscegenation”. For Sarkozy “métissage” was a duty.

The French people have been brow-beaten into accepting a fate that is not theirs, a fate that has been artificially imposed on them by their rulers. If the Iranians can rise up against terrorist dictators, why can the French not rise up against petty bureaucrats, tyrannical journalists and disloyal politicians?

Macron: an ally of Islam
Here’s a hard-hitting article, posted at Dreuz , denouncing Emmanuel Macron’s multiple acts of betrayal of Western civilization… GALLIAWATCH.

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  1. Having islam ghettos is not necessarily a bad thing
    (putting aside the fact that nobody wants the islams anywhere in the first place – except islamophiles and our authorites !)

    the fact that – islams congregate together
    … in where they live !
    … in where they prey (I do not mean pray) !

    wink wink nudge nudge !

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