Hamas/CAIR Trying to Blackmail Jewish Groups in Australia to Cancel Daniel Pipes Speaking Tour

Mohammedan organisations DownUnder defended the Top Dog of the genocidal Hitz b’ut Tahrir’s right to speak here.  No criticism of Islam is tolerated by them. Its ironic because Pipes is one of these scholars who peddles the idea of “Islamic reform”.  Mohammedans know all too well that Islam is “perfect” and that Islam cannot be reformed. Islamic organisations managed to stop Ayaan Hirsi Ali from speaking. Will they succeed to do the same with Pipes?

Daniel Pipes in 2015. Picture: Supplied
Daniel Pipes in 2015.

A Jewish lobby group has condemned the peak body for Australian Muslims over its opposition to a speaking tour by prominent US Middle East expert Daniel Pipes.

Dr Pipes, the president of think tank Middle East Forum, has been brought to Australia for a series of talks in Melbourne and Sydney titled Winners and Losers in a Fractured Middle East by the Australia Israel and Jewish Affairs Council.

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils released a statement urging Jewish representatives to withdraw support for the tour, describing Dr Pipes as espousing “anti-Islamic rhetoric”.

“AFIC urges Jewish representative groups to reconsider their decision to host Daniel Pipes,” the statement read. “Mr Pipes is a person with a clear history of extreme anti-Islamic rhetoric and an agenda to demonise Muslims through a distorted view of the Islamic religion.

Hardly. Pipes is informed. He knows what Islam has in store for us.

“For representative bodies from the Jewish community to be hosting such an individual leaves to draw no other conclusion than that they endorse the views of the individual in question.”

Dr Pipes, a well-known scholar and Harvard graduate, said he was surprised to encounter opposition from the Muslim community in Australia.

“It does (surprise me), it feels very 2002, 2003. I haven’t encountered it in many years,” he told The Australian.

“I have been working in this field for a very long time, close to 50 years, and I have a very consistent approach which is to focus on radical Islam, Islamism, fundamental Islam and I oppose that. As for Islam itself I don’t have a position on it. As I don’t have a position on Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism.

“The phrase I’m known for is ‘radical Islam is a problem and moderate Islam is a solution’. In other words, this Islamism is a challenge to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Pipes is dangerously wrong on this. There is no such thing as “radical Islam” vs “moderate Islam”. Don’t be fooled.

The so called “distorted ” view of Islam is in fact authentic Islam. It’s the so called “moderate” Islam that is distorted

“These are the agitators, the violent people, the barbarians and it is reform Islam, the modern Muslims seeking to modernise their religion who are the solution, who are offering ideas who bring Islam out of the current state of crisis.”

No successful attempt to “modernise the religion” has ever been successful.

The executive director of AIJAC Colin Rubenstein defended the tour and said criticism of Dr Pipes was “cheap, false propaganda”.

“Pipes is a respected Middle East scholar, and expert on Islam who makes a profound distinction between Islam the respected religion and Islamism, its extreme political, ideological adaption and the extremist problem for most Moslems (sic) and others,” he said.

That’s the gibberish the establishment Jews like to hear, but it doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.

“The characterisation of him as racist is cheap, false propaganda designed to shut discussion of genuine issues.”

Dr Pipes was the Taube Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and has written 16 books.

He will speak in Caulfield, Melbourne on February 27, and in Bondi Junction, Sydney on March 1.

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  1. This will end up like the planned visit by Ayaan Hirsi that was cancelled because of threats and violence.
    How about our spineless politicians stand up for freedom of speech?

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