Peterson’s take on the feminist mantra that women should choose career over family:
“Well, the first thing you need to understand, is that you aren’t going to get a career” says Peterson with characteristic bluntness.
“Only around 2% of people get careers, the rest of us get a job. And the definition of a job, is something that someone will pay you to do because otherwise, you wouldn’t want to do it. So, to suggest that your job is more important than your family is just ridiculous.” 

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Here it is.  For once an article that has -guaranteed- nothing to do with Islam. Good reading!
By Harry Richardson


A couple of weeks ago, an event happened which I suspect may be one of the great milestones of our time. The event, strangely enough, was an interview of an obscure (at the time) Canadian professor by a feminist presenter on Britain’s Channel 4.

The professor in question, Jordan Peterson, is a personal favourite of mine. He has gained a huge following on YouTube where he has posted dozens of his lectures.

Peterson gained notoriety in Canada when his university tried to force him to address sexually confused people with pronouns that they had invented. Peterson refused point blank. The fact that this was considered a revolutionary act, speaks volumes about the disastrous state of our universities.

Unfortunately for the Neo-Marxist crossdressers, they picked a fight with the wrong academic. Calling Jordan Peterson an academic is like calling Churchill a politician.

He combines a cavernous depth of knowledge with an astounding ability to process information and draw the most logical and inciteful conclusions.

He has considerable experience as a clinical psychologist with a wealth of real world experience. He has worked with high powered and successful men and women in corporate law. This gives a depth and a dimension to his perspective that is unique.

He also embodies a rare combination of discipline and integrity which ensures that not a word passes his lips without the most careful consideration of the exact meaning and the effect it might have.

As an example, consider Peterson’s take on the feminist mantra that women should choose career over family.

“Well, the first thing you need to understand, is that you aren’t going to get a career” says Peterson with characteristic bluntness.

“Only around 2% of people get careers, the rest of us get a job. And the definition of a job, is something that someone will pay you to do because otherwise, you wouldn’t want to do it. So, to suggest that your job is more important than your family is just ridiculous.”

Kapow! There you have it. In just a couple of sentences, Jordan does what our lazy and overpaid faux academics have failed to do for the past forty or fifty years. He completely demolishes the inane left wing mantras with spectacular precision.

I think I’ve mentioned the importance of defining words carefully. Peterson takes this to a new level and the results are devastating.

Jordan was in the UK recently to promote his new book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. The UK’s Channel 4 invited him to an interview. I suspect that Channel 4’s intention was to discredit and embarrass him.

The interviewer they chose was radical feminist Cathy Newman. Since Peterson dislikes feminism, they probably figured a female interviewer would generate more sympathy from the viewers.

This is how they work. If Peterson had been anti-multiculturalism, you can bet your life that the interviewer would have been black. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go as Channel 4 had intended.

Watch the full video above

Newman’s strategy was to start off by asking leading questions which were designed to box Peterson into a corner.

Unfortunately for her, Peterson was more than up to the task. For every question, he would calmly provide an answer which was completely logical and backed by impeccable facts and research. Each time he totally demolished the premise of the question.

Ms Newman would then try to blatantly misrepresent what Jordan was saying. Unfortunately for her, Jordan was having none of that. “That’s not what I said at all,”was one of the most often repeated phrases of the entire interview.

                            The provocateur devolves into the provocatee

When that strategy didn’t work Cathy would start shouting over him. Finally, she would just cut him off and ask another question and the whole thing would be repeated.

Towards the end of the interview, she asks Peterson “why does your right to free speech trump a trans person’s right to not be offended?”

Peterson unexpectedly turns this around and points out that she has been offending him and making him feel deeply uncomfortable throughout the interview.

He then adds that this is how things should be and that nobody’s ideas should be beyond question for fear of offending.

This completely stumps Newman who suddenly finds herself called out as the aggressor. Unlike the radical left however, who use victimhood as a weapon, Peterson calmly accepts this as completely reasonable.

For what seems like the longest time, she sits there with a look on her face that somehow reminded me of Windows 95 trying to open a high definition video file.

Essentially, the entire interview was a slow-motion train wreck for radical left-wing feminist ideology. Most importantly, it happened on national television and simultaneously on You Tube.

What I found almost as interesting as the interview itself, was the You Tube comments section. I must have spent fully 2 hours reading through the comments before I came across one which was sympathetic to Cathy Newman.

The commenters were pretty much unanimous that Ms Newman had been dishonest, rude and had tried to misrepresent Peterson at every turn.

There was also an almost unanimous consent that Peterson was incredible and absolutely correct in every way.

Interestingly, a number of the commenters were women or ethnic minorities.

The interview was a disaster for our Left-Wing establishment denizens. They have since gone into all out damage control.

Channel 4 went out and hired security for Cathy Newman claiming she had been threatened on Twitter and in the comments on YouTube. Of course, no evidence for this has ever been produced.

The left-wing press have desperately tried to pretend that Jordan Peterson fans are a bunch of thuggish, violent, white supremacists. This is a pretty hard sell however, when the comments are on full view to anyone with an internet connection.

One of the most interesting comments was one I found on a related YouTube clip. It read as follows:

“I’m in Canada and every guy in my university (and now many of the girls too) are binge watching JBP (Jordan B Peterson). We’ve all had it with identity politics trying to divide and destroy our society by creating polarisation, animosity, division and ultimately hate. We won’t vote for an ideology which frankly only works by creating hatred. We’ve talked about it over the last few weeks and we’re all going to be voting conservative in the next provincial and federal elections. We need other students across Canada (and elsewhere) to join us. Please spread the word!”

Up until now, the radical left has completely dominated the academic discourse in the West. Something tells me that this is starting to change.

People are reaching breaking point, especially students in our universities . These institutions are so stifled that it is now almost impossible to have a meaningful discussion about anything. At some point there is bound to be a major pushback and I think that time could be happening right now.

Young, white, males in particular are sick to the back teeth of being blamed for all the ills of the world. They are sick of being automatically labelled as racist, sexist, violent, aggressive, uncaring rapists, simply because of their race and gender.

Many of these young people are smart. They know instinctively that something is very wrong and when someone like Jordan Peterson comes along and shows them clearly what it is, they catch on real quick.

For this reason, I’m expecting a massive backlash against the left, starting in the universities. The only question in my mind is, “where is it going to end?”

This situation reminds me of a much smaller scale incident referred to as “Gamergate.”

Many young intellectual white males have virtually withdrawn from society and live in their parents’ basements.

There, they spent their time eating pizza and playing online video games. These games give them an escape from an increasingly banal and emasculated reality.

The games they play are violent, sexist, tribal and fun. They hang out and chat on online message forums like 4Chan. They built an online community of likeminded tech heads, devoted to gaming, fun and pizza toppings.

A few years ago, they were discovered by a group of angry miserable feminists. These short haired members of the sisterhood were appalled by the overtly masculine determination of the gamers to enjoy themselves.

The feminists began an aggressive campaign against the gaming companies. They tried to force gaming companies to bring these video games into line with their own Politically Correct world view.

The effect, was like shoving a red hot poker into a hornet’s nest. The gamers were furious. This was their world. It was like their last refuge and they snapped.

They began attacking the feminists. Being young, irreverent and smart, they began digging into the roots of feminism and they kept on digging.

They discovered the links to left wing ideology and followed it all the way through Cultural Marxism and beyond. They came to the conclusion that there was a deliberate and organised movement whose goals were the disenfranchisement of white males.

These angry gamers formed the basis of what is known today as the “Alt-Right.” Milo Yianoppolis (below) was deeply involved in Gamergate.

At the time, he was the technology editor at Breitbart News. Milo never joined the Alt-Right however. That is probably because many in the Alt-Right believe that the driving force of Neo-Marxism and the Anti-White agenda has been the organised Jewish community. Since Milo is part Jewish, this has never sat well with him.

Milo does however, embody much of the rest of the Alt-Right beliefs. He hates Feminism, Leftism, Multiculturalism, Islam and mass Third-World immigration.

The Alt-Right are young, vibrant, irreverent and have a sense of humour. They also have intellectual depth.

Jordan Peterson is a long way from the Alt-Right. However, I think that many of his followers will be drawn to the Alt-Right as they have much in common with the young people in that movement.

The culture of fun and free academic expression will sit well with youngsters who are more used to miserable Left leaning academic types who are trying to “Put the Fun into Fundamentalist Neo-Marxist Dogma.”

I think this might be the beginning of the fightback from the academics of the Anglosphere. Once we win the academic arguments, the question will be how to deal with the damage that has been done. I don’t think this is an insurmountable problem. Africans managed to reverse centuries of First World colonisation. I think Europeans could achieve similar results with rather more compassion.

In the meantime, expect to see more Pepe the Frog badges popping up at your local university sometime soon.