Killing Jews is Worship to Allah

Basic Islam 101. They teach that in every mosque.

Saudi Imam Abdulwahab Al-Omari Prays for Allah to Hasten Annihilation of Jews, Conversion of Christians to Islam on Judgment Day

Muslim cleric says Allah has gathered the Jews in Israel to make it easier to “annihilate” them

Imagine the international uproar of a cleric of any other faith spoke from the pulpit about annihilating Muslims or any other group. But this will get no notice in the establishment media, unless it becomes necessary to explain Ahmad al-Rawashdeh’s words away and compel the Infidels to go back to sleep.

This recalls the notorious genocidal hadith: “Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.” (Sahih Muslim 6985)


Lebanese Court Orders Muslims to Learn Quran Verses About Virgin Mary

Extreme Ignorance. These people lost their country to the Mohammedans and still didn’t learn a thing about the ‘Religion of Peace’….

TEL AVIV — In a highly unusual ruling, a judge in Lebanon has ordered three Muslim men to learn passages from the Quran by heart that praise and glorify the Virgin Mary after they were found guilty of insulting the religious figure, according to a report by the Al Arabiya television network.

Lebanese law allows for prison sentences on charges of insulting religions, but the judge decided instead to order the three to learn the relevant Quranic passages.

According to the report, the unusual punishment got a positive response from the Lebanese public and even received support from Lebanon’s Muslim Prime Minister Saad Hariri and his predecessor Najib Miqati.

Both wrote that the sentence is evidence of the judge’s wisdom because her decision gave preference to the teaching of shared values over punishment.   Unfortunately, Mohammedans don’t share any values with us.


Soddy Barbarian Al-Qaeda Terrorist Gets Life in Prison for Killing 2 U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

Ibrahim Suleiman Adnan HarunA Brooklyn federal judge sentenced a Saudi-born al-Qaeda terrorist to life in prison Friday for killing two U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

“I can’t think of a more serious crime,” U.S. District Judge Brian M. Cogan said as he handed down Ibrahim Suleiman Adnan Harun’s sentence in the New York City courtroom.

Harun, who describes himself as an al-Qaeda “warrior” who acted as a soldier and not a terrorist, refused to attend his Friday sentencing and his trial last year.

“This is not my court. That is not my judge,” Harun, 47, reportedly told prison officials, according to the judge.

You don’t get to chose, punk.

The judge refuted Harun’s claim, saying that the defendant intended to kill “dozens or maybe hundreds of Americans” and potentially those of other nationalities.

“I’m confident the defendant doesn’t differentiate whether they are civilians or soldiers,” Cogan said. “If this man ever walks the streets again, the first thing he will do is try to kill Americans. He has one gear. That’s to kill Americans.”

The Saudi-born terrorist had been convicted in March for his role in a 2003 ambush in Afghanistan that killed Army Pvt. Jerod Dennis of Antlers, Oklahoma, and Air Force Airman Ray Losano of Del Rio, Texas.

Prosecutors say he confessed while in Italian custody to throwing a grenade and firing at an American military unit in the 2003 ambush. Harun was extradited from Italy to the U.S. in 2012.

Islam 101:

ISLAM HAS A DOCTRINE OF HATE: ‘AL BARAA’ = Islamic Apartheid, Shunning

The hatred of Kafirs ‘for the sake of Allah’…Al Bughoud or Al Mu’adaat (hatred) is the opposite of Al Muwalaat (love of Muslims), it is:
– To Hate
– To keep distance from
– To be enemy to
– To desert
– To decline to help
– To disrespect
– To put down
– Not to ally with
– Not to support

Allah ordered Muslims to have Baraa (to be cleansed) from the kufaar and from kufr and shirk.

-Imam Abdul-Latif ibn Abdur-Rahman Rahimullah said, “It is not possible for someone to realize Tawheed and act upon it, and yet not be HOSTILE against the mushrikeen. So anyone who isn’t HOSTILE against the mushrikeen (wrong worshippers), then it cannot be said that he acts upon Tawheed nor that he realizes it.” [ad-Durar as-Saniyyah 8/167]

-“The doctrine of al Walaa wal Baraa is the REAL IMAGE for the actual practice of this faith.” – source “Al Walaa wal Baraa According to the Aqeedah of the Salaf”, by Sheikh Muhammad Saeed al Qatani, authoritative Saudi Sharia lawyer and imam at the Abu Bakr and Al Furqan Mosques in Mecca. –

-Shaykh Ahmad ibn ‘Atiq said:
“There isn’t in the Book of Allah the Exalted – after the issue concerning the obligation of tawheed and the forbiddance of its opposite (kufr=wrong worshipping)- any issue which has as so many proofs, nor so clearly explained, than the issue of al-walaa’ and al-baraa’.” (W-B is Islamic apartheid)

Examples of al-Baraa from historic figures:

– from Sufi scholar Ahmad Sirhindi (1564-1624): “The honour of Islam lies in INSULTING kufr and kafirs. One who respects the kafirs dishonours the Muslims… The real purpose of levying jiziya on them is to HUMILIATE them to such an extent that they may not be able to dress well and to live in grandeur. They should constantly remain TERRIFIED and TREMBLING. It is intended to hold them under CONTEMPT and to uphold the honour and might of Islam.”

– from ibn Taymiyya, “Book of Emaan”: “… true believers show ANIMOSITY and HATRED towards disbelievers and NEVER support them.”