Obamagate, “Hijab Day” & things that disgust Merkel

Dr. Sebastian Gorka of TheRebel.media: “This is the same John Brennan (a self-proclaimed Muslim)  who has previously admitted to voting for Communist presidential candidate Gus Hall…”

MPs Wear Islamic Hijab in Parliament to Promote ‘World Hijab Day’

Pathetic and shockingly ignorant.
A number of MPs have dressed in hijabs in Westminster Hall to celebrate World Hijab Day, which normalises veiling and promotes “modest” dress.

 UCF Muslim Student Calls for Expulsion of Student Who Declined to Wear Hijab-

Enough with the Orwellian “hijab as empowerment” movement. My latest in PJ Media: It happened on “World Hijab Day.” A Muslim student at the University…

Minnesota: Hijab-wearing sharia apologist running for Mayor of Rochester

Regina Mustafa says she hopes to be a voice for all of Rochester, but accuses critics of sharia of “fearmongering and hate.” – Geller Report

Merkel opens the 2018 Carnevale in Germany

 How disgusted she looks at these people performing for her. How unbelievably rude.

It’s clear Angela Merkel hates her country’s traditions. Look at that face during carnival, what a shame. Perhaps a proper Ashura performance would be much more to her liking.

African Crime Gangs Terrorise Melbournistan
Image may contain: one or more people, people walking, basketball court, shoes and outdoor
 If we aren’t living in a Kafkaesque version of Orwell’s 1984 this is close to it. I’ve said many of the things this article goes over in the past few months but Grace Collier sums it all up very well in this piece. Our politicians are idiots at best and dictatorial, disinterested oligarchs at worst while our keystone cops are merely there to enforce petty laws against law-abiding citizens while completely neglecting to serve and protect us from real criminals because it’s jus…Continue Reading
15 Media Outlets that Colluded with North Korea to Romanticize Their Slave State 
Here are 15 news outlets that colluded with North Korea to romanticize and normalize a murderous regime that runs a slave state.– Breitbart

Before you allow yourself to be manipulated by North Korea’s propaganda machine or the regime’s useful idiots in the Western media, consider the 80,000 to 120,000 political prisoners currently in gulags being beaten & starved.

UK: Scoutmaster fired for calling niqab “Darth Vader tent”
A Scoutmaster in the UK, Brian Walker, complained about a niqab-wearing canoeist: “Canoeists don’t dress like this; they need all-round unobstructed…
Scouts bring young people together….islam is the biggest divider of all people..
The burqa and niqab are the symbolic flags of a totalitarian ideology th at would close down scouting given a chance.
Plus… for OHS reasons it is a very bad idea…
So unless they start making niqabs air tight they have no value.

One thought on “Obamagate, “Hijab Day” & things that disgust Merkel”

  1. The ignorance of all those kaffur female British MPs in the photograph defies belief. Firstly, they should never have allowed themselves to be photographed with the men. Women are inferior, and should be kept separate. If one of the women happens to find herself alone with one of the men, there is a presumption of adultery, and a public stoning is in prospect. So cop that, mother of Parliaments. Oh, and it should have been explained to the stupid grinning creature in the sleeveless red dress that, in Islam, bare arms are not permitted. It’s seen as pornographic, and might inflame the lust of a passing Muslim male, who is under no obligation to attempt to control himself. There are many recent examples of Muslim Theatre nurses, demanding the right to cover their arms during hospital operations. Bare arms are against their religion. The risk of cross infection will then increase exponentially, of course, if they do cover their arms. But who cares if the patient dies, just so long as religious purity is observed. And Theresa May’s response to all this nonsense is appalling. The so-called British Conservative Party isn’t, and she should be dumped.

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