Tommy Robinson Tracks Down Muslim Who Threatened to Kill His Family After Police Fail to Act

Rebel Media correspondent and former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson was forced to take his family’s defence into his own hands this week following a litany of threats against his children, wife, and mother.

Robinson, 35, was subjected to streams of abuse, harassment, and violent threats after a court was reportedly misled into believing he exchanged direct Twitter messages with Finsbury Park mosque terrorist Darren Osborne. Britain’s media then spread the fake news story with no regard for Robinson or his family’s safety.

Following multiple threats in messages and in video, Robinson reported the matters to the police, who insisted they had officers working on the case. But the Rebel Media correspondent soon found out that Britain’s police were scarcely interested in the matter.

Having witnessed Muslim YouTuber Ali Dawah allegedly attempt to share his address with the public, Robinson took the matter into his own hands, as he describes in the video above.

“I look in and find things out about [the man who threatened my family]… he goes to the mosque every single day, Mitcham mosque. I then pay a reward and I find out where he lives and his real name, all of which I give to the police…”

Upon finding the man sending him threats before morning prayers in London, Robinson confronts him in the street in extraordinary scenes and realises he is mentally ill.

When asked why he was sending the threats, the young Muslim man replied that he was being “brainwashed” by YouTuber Ali Dawah — the same man allegedly attempting to share Robinson’s home address, which Robinson says he has got wrong twice now, endangering innocent families.

Finally, before the end of the video, the threat-maker tells Robinson: “Why does [sic] people show hatred in you [sic]? Because first I didn’t know you, that’s why I was doing it. When I knew you [sic], you’re a good person, you’re not a bad person”.

Ali Dawah has since taken to YouTube to accuse Robinson of poor conduct for confronting the young man, stating that he himself was trying to talk him down from making violent threats, citing a tweet he copied the Metropolitan Police into as proof that he was not attempting to radicalise anyone.

Dawah maintains that despite telling Robinson that he knew where he lived, he never intended to visit him or release his full address.

Watch the full video above.

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  1. England police are nothing but a bunch of cowardly, probably closet muslims. They will always only act against White English citizens. Yep. Cowardly, closet muslims.

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