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Mackay will open its arms to refugees, when it becomes an official “refugee welcome zone” tomorrow.’

No one asked the people of Mackay if they wanted to be a “refugee welcome zone”.  Who vetted these “refugees?”  Who brought them to Australia? Will they fit in or are they a 5th column?


Yet another example of how our refugee program – importing people, often Muslim,  from tribal war zones – puts Australians in danger: “From refugee to super villain.”


“Put fear in a person’s heart and they’ll obey you,” Qaumi told his men, drug dealers and murderers… “We’re going to give Sydney something it’s never seen.”

South Africans ‘only on merit’

How many Mohammedans have been brought to Australia on ‘merit?’ Inquisitive minds would like to know.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has refused to back Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton’s claims persecuted white South African farmers deserve “special treatment” when it comes to humanitarian visas, saying they must be “offered…
Senator Cory Bernardi argues the public broadcaster crossed the line in a comedy sketch about a member of his party.

 Bernardi is calling for the ABC to sack whoever allowed a comedy sketch which used explicit language to criticise a member of his party to go to air.

ABC Comedy show Tonightly aired a sketch last week labelling Australian Conservatives candidate for the Batman by-election Kevin Bailey a “c***”.



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  1. Remember me
    … for being guilty of Treason/Sedition/Subversion to Australia
    (I have/am assisting/enabling islam invade Australia)
    (I have/am also assisting/enabling criminal African tribal savages diversify Australia)

    John Malcolm Fraser AC CH PC GCL (21 May 1930 – 20 March 2015)
    Malcolm Bligh Turnbull (born 24 October 1954)
    Julie Isabel Bishop (born 17 July 1956)
    • and so on … there apparently is no end

    … and these are the ones who you never would have expected such criminal treasonous acts from !
    (just some of the Liberal hierarchy – not withstanding the rest of the islamophile/diversifier politicians bureaucrats and (w)academics aiding and abetting the destruction of Western civilisation)

    These authorities do not have Australians’ best interest prioritized above that of the islam invasion success and the fulfilled criminal African tribal savages replacement !

  2. The despicable Di Natale rates Sudanese gangsters as being of equal value to Australian society as white South African farmers.

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