Broken noses, freedom of speech gone & Australia rejects white refugees?

Police are now understood to be investigating the alleged attack.

WTF? Why did they stick him into a prison where they knew he would be attacked by Mohammedan savages? What’s there to “investigate” when there is no doubt whatsoever about what happened?

British establishment dhimmies failed to get Tommy Robinson killed in jail. Kevin Crehan was not so lucky. He was murdered in jail for  leaving bacon sandwiches outside a mosque.

Britain First leader has ‘nose broken’ in prison attack

Paul Golding, 36, was beaten up in HMP Elmley on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent on Wednesday by two inmates
This is the shittiest report I have seen in a long time. Not a word about Islam or Muslims, but a lot of gibberish about how Golding and Fransen were found guilty  of “religiously aggravated harassment” by a complicit Moonbat Court.–MIRROR.CO.UK
FREE SPEECH in the UK is under attack from the House of Lords. We all need to ask the question: ‘Why is Tommy Robinson being criticised for entering the Houses of Parliament?

Tommy Robinson ‘Forced by Police to Leave Speakers’ Corner Ahead of Free Speech Talk’

People in Britain are now living in a “post-freedom of speech era”, anti-Islamisation activist Tommy Robinson has said.

U.N. Planned International Flood of Migrants

U.N. Planned International Flood of Migrants, United Nations, Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development, Forced flood of international migrants, globe, obliteration, national borders, sovereignty
Michele Bachmann Calls Muslim Migration A ‘Planned Invasion’ To ‘Destroy Western Christendom’
That’s no longer a secret. The question is now what we can do about it to reverse it.

‘Racist’ Dutton’s comments signal return to White Australia policy, Di Natale says

Degenerates. They must never be allowed to hold the reins of power.
The crazies are out in force tonight in Melbourne protesting against Peter Dutton and his support for South African farmers being slaughtered.
When the issue of assisting white South Africans is rejected by ppl like Arif Hussein of the Human Rights Law Centre, you know we have a problem. They literally are protesting because those in need are white.

Theresa May Wants A ‘New’ Internet Monitored By The Government

The British politician wants the government to censor what people can post, share and publish online., censor, data, Internet, Privacy, Social Media,…

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  1. British government abandons basic principle of treatment of prisoners in democracies

    Posted on March 15, 2018 by Eeyore
    Paul Golding, co-leader of Britain first, has been attacked by muslims in jail and is said to have had his nose broken.

    For those who remember the world first for a British man getting the death sentence for littering, Kevin Krehan, this should come as no surprise. But when you see a second ‘Islamophobe’ get put in prison where muslims have easy access to him you cannot write it off as an error. You have to conclude it is policy.

    Even child rapists get protective custody in democracies so that the other prisoners will not exact a measure of justice beyond what the judge, speaking for the state, has ordered.

    When the UK starts allowing muslim prisoners to take revenge in a state run zoo against people who have a legal right and perhaps even an ethical obligation to criticize immigration and enemy ideologies, you know the state has, to use a very English term, lost the plot.

    England, like Sweden and possibly soon, Canada, may need to be sequestered by states who have a sense of self preservation and wish to continue to operate under the aegis of reason.

    Quoting from the Mirror:

    District Judge Justin Barron said he had no doubt it was the defendants’ intention to use the trial – which involved Muslim immigrants in a “particularly brutal and emotive rape” – for their own political ends.

    He added: ‘This was a campaign to draw attention to the race, religion and immigrant background of the defendants.”

    It is likely too late to bother pointing out the judge, that the rape was what was “particularly brutal and emotive”, and that Paul’s pointing out the immigration and religion background goes to motive. One that the state deliberately avoids, while simultaneously knowing its true.

    In a democracy, the obligation of the opposition is to oppose state policy. However in France, we see with Le Pen, and the Netherlands, as we see with Geert Wilders, the judicial branches have been hijacked specifically in order to criminalize the legal obligation of any sort of shadow cabinet to oppose policies that defy cultural-Marxism.

    In many countries, like the UK, there simply is no opposition. There is a Marxist party headed by May, and a Postmodern party headed by Corbyn. In Canada, well its yet to be seen as Canada’s Conservative party has not yet begun to broadcast any policy, although I do have reason for hope.

    Paul was jailed for “harassment” of convicted child rapists. Yet if a crowd gathers to torment a convicted non-Marxist offender, who reading this imagines them even being arrested?

    Put a stick in England, start rotating it and turn on the vertical toaster. That democracy is done.

    Some informed comments:

    Look at the level and length of indoctrination that the Brits have been going through, when the US revolution occurred we were revolting to regain our rights and Englishmen. Now the left (and to a lesser extent the right) spent the majority of the 20th and the 18 years of the 21st Century teaching the Brits that they don’t have any rights anymore.

    It takes time to break through that level of indoctrination and bring about a revolution. It took 12 to 15 years of growing oppression by the British Government before the US revolted, this was at a time when the people were freer then now and use to freedom. The Brits have been gradually taught that their rights no longer exist, this makes it harder to get a revolution.

    Having said that look at the massive protest by the soccer fans and the vets. Notice how the police and antifa stayed away for fear of touching off a riot/revolt. Now look at what Tommy Robinson and a few others are doing, they are sowing the seeds of revolt and there are indications that the seeds are sprouting.

    If things explode in Europe this summer (Italy looks to be the spark) we will then discover if the Brits are still Brits or if they have become serfs to their new feudal masters.

    “If things explode” this summer? No. It won’t happen. The Europeans have no will to fight.

    “…teaching the Brits that they don’t have any rights anymore” came after cultural Marxists have poisoned the minds of the general population to believe that everything their nation has ever done was wrong, bad, oppressive, shameful, (colonialism/imperialism) and must be atoned for by handing the wealth of the nation, the birthright of their children, and finally the nation & her children itself over to a Mohammedan savages, who will somehow make it right.This mental disorder doesn’t only ravages the Brits, it has poisoned all of western society to the point of no return.

  2. IMMORAL RELATIVISM (and religion)101:

    People often go along to get along, Submitting to might-makes-right so that the ends, (their survival – or even their only merely temporary advancement) justifies the means, (sacrificing the principle of telling the Truth – that the criminals they seek to placate are, in fact, actually only extortive criminals).

    Is such instantaneous Submission not, then, also a choice? Especially when the supposed extortion deferred to was not actually offered but only presumed? What is the real difference between bribery, and blackmail?

    In which case it was only presumptive, paranoid slander: “Since I know you’ll threaten me, I will choose to Submit in advance, which means Screw you, I *meant* to do that, so there, nyah!” criminal negligence.

    And such criminal negligence is, of course, really only fraud – or is it? Does one know everyone else is the Enemy? Is paranoia really fraud? Because in the end, is not everything designed to cause damage, pain, fear of that pain and the ultimately futile hope of less and no pain, because everything dies anyway?! So even those who are not actively engaged in one’s destruction, are never of any help, because whether they only stand by and watch, or try to help, because they will ultimately fail, and so their offered help in the end only prolonged it all?

    In the end, only “the Universe” – which certainly contains all consciousness – is Eternal and immortal; that consciousness which one has to be paranoid enough to see as “God” and which one may only even hope to become a part of by being utterly negated, by being damaged, pained, made afraid and hopeless and killed.

    Such logic and mental realism – recognition of these cold hard painfully-thought-out facts – is religion.

    God always attacks 1st, so is it wrong to attack God 2nd as a whole, BY attacking his component parts?!

    If God didn’t attack first, nothing would exist. If we refuse to attack second, only evil still exists.

    If we attack others second to deter, evil still happened (although there may be less of it in future).

    If and when we attack others “first,” (God second) nothing changes except there’s more evil both ways.

    Conclusion: forget attacking others first (“God” second) – only deter criminals with counter attacks.

    Muhammad pretended to attack others first “FOR God,” (while really only attacking God second, as usual) to try to force the world to Submit to the above already-existing paradigm to stop counter-attacking him.

    He asserted that God knew all the infidels he’d created for Moe to attack also already knew they were all guilty infidels, so it was his perfectly acceptable right to do so and in would in fact also be wholly irresponsible of him not to attack them “for allah.”

    That is the ultimate idolatry, objectifying it all!

    True, thought-killing psychopathy!

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