Hamas Headbanger: Jews Use Non-Jewish Blood To Bake Purim Pastries

Pali blood libel against the Jews.  As old the prophets beard, but enough to bring the easily inflamed brains of Mohammedans to a boil. This one goes out to wingnuts scratching their crotches and thinking “Golly gee! Who do I hate more? Muslims or Jews?”

TEL AVIV – Jews use the blood of non-Jews to bake Hamentashen pastries for Purim, a former Hamas official charged in an article published last Tuesday, the eve of the Jewish holiday.

Writing in the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency, Mustafa al-Lidawi claimed, “[Purim] is the same holiday that the people of Europe hated and detested [and because of it] wished that the Jews would leave their countries so they could be saved from their wickedness.”

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The explanation al-Lidawi gave for Europe’s hostility towards Jews was a new twist on the age-old blood libel that claims matzah eaten by Jews on Passover is made from the blood of non-Jews.

“This is because the Jews who lived in Europe would always bake a large pastry on the occasion of the holiday, and everyone would eat it. However, this pastry was mixed with the blood of a victim they chose from among those who were not Jews. Most of the time the victim was a little boy,” he said.

“Because of this, the European peoples loathed the presence of the Jews in their countries and longed for them to leave. For they were the reason for every despicable deed, the mechanism for the commission of every crime, and the source of all social and economic corruption,” the article, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), claimed.

Al Lidawi spewed misinformation about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to draw a parallel to his anti-Semitic, conspiratorial claim of blood rituals: “This Jewish mentality and this ancient nature [of the Jews] have not changed. For they fashioned their joy from the blood of others, hold their celebrations at the expense of the sighs and groans of the victims who they tortured, and base their happiness on the sorrow of others. They don’t mind robbing happiness from its owners and erasing the smile from the faces of the women and children whom they deprive of the sacred right to live, and whom they rob of their opportunity to rejoice, to be happy and to live.”

Five years ago Al-Lidawi published another article in which he exhumed the standard blood libel that matzah is prepared with the blood of Christian children.

“The Jewish Passover has always been accompanied by suffering and pain. … When the Jews began celebrating their holidays, blood would begin to flow. … For the Jews always made sure to hunt down a pure and innocent Christian child, who had not tasted wine and whose blood had never been contaminated with impurity. They would take him to the altar in their temple, where they would stab him with knives. … Then they would mix the blood into some dough [and bake a matzah] cake,” he said.

In Tuesday’s article, he wrote. “The Palestinians hate and fear the Jewish holidays. … They feel that these holidays are revenge against them, or a hex they have been cursed with. For the Jews are happy then, celebrating and preparing decorations and rituals, but the Palestinians are tortured during these times to the same extent. They are under siege, they are hampered, there is a total closure in the areas [where they live].”