Inshallah: Raban Alou sentenced to 44 years in jail

By the Prophet’s holy neckbeard, may Alou never be released alive
By the Prophet’s holy neckbeard, may Alou never be released alive

On any given day, the primary forces battling for control of Raban Alou’s tiny mind are epic stupidity and rank cowardice.

Some time before Alou was sentenced yesterday to a minimum of 33 years in prison for supplying the loaded weapon that killed police accountant Curtis Cheng, Alou had been imprisoned for unrelated offences.

While inside, prison officers encouraged his involvement in Islam as a calming influence. “Justice officers who were supervising (him) considered that this step may have been a positive and stabilising factor,” Justice Peter Johnson told the court yesterday.

Calm and stable

But Alou was too witless to realise he had been given a second chance. Upon his release, the then-teenager developed a commitment to Islamic State, the radical terror group best known for slaughtering thousands of fellow Muslims throughout Iraq and Syria.

In 2015, Alou’s profound cowardice came to the fore. Rather than launching a terror attack in Sydney by himself, he supplied a loaded gun to 15-year-old Farhad Jabar during a meeting at Parramatta Mosque and sent the disturbed child on a suicide mission.

Farhad Jabar’s Facebook page

Jabar used that gun to murder Curtis Cheng, a gentle man much loved by his family, professional colleagues and retailers near his Parramatta Police Headquarters workplace. Jabar died in an exchange of gunfire with police after shooting Cheng in the back of the head.

Alou’s idiocy was again in command after being sentenced. “I’m going to paradise, you’re going to hell,” he declared, flashing an Islamic State salute. “This is just the beginning for enemies of Islam.”

In fact, he is most likely going to Goulburn’s Supermax prison, where he has already spent several years prior to being sentenced. Whatever other qualities Supermax may have, describing it as “paradise” may be a stretch.

Three decades of paradise

Also, note Abou’s absurd vow against the “enemies of Islam”. Curtis Cheng was nobody’s enemy. He was a peaceful, sweet-natured man who worked hard to provide for his family. Thanks to Alou’s evil, and that of his teenage accomplice, Cheng’s family has been forever robbed of a fine father and husband.

“What hurt for me and mum is that Raban Alou showed no remorse,” Cheng’s son Alpha Cheng said outside court. The high school teacher said that his lack of contrition “demonstrates how deep the radicalisation and hatred had seeped in.”

Justice Johnson agreed, saying Alou is “devoid of basic humanity”. To which nothing more need be added.

(This morning’s Daily Telegraph editorial.)

UPDATE. Another extended period of religious contemplation for one of Mohammed’s soldiers:

Tamim Khaja, now 20, believed he had “a sacred duty” to carry out “appallingly wrong” attacks, Justice Desmond Fagan told the NSW Supreme Court today.

Khaja pleaded guilty to doing an act in preparation for, or planning, a terrorist act and had begun to scope out potential target buildings in Sydney including the Parramatta District Court precinct and Timor Army Barracks.


Justice Fagan sentenced Khaja to a maximum of 19 years imprisonment with a non-parole period of 14 years and three months …

Khaja himself had said he was motivated not by watching YouTube videos but “straight from the verses of Quran”.

All those verses about peace and love must be really difficult to find.


Raban Alou sentenced to 44 years in prison for role in Curtis Cheng murder

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Photo: Raban Alou (pictured) gave a handgun to Fahad Mohammed at the Parramatta Mosque.

Man who supplied gun in Curtis Cheng murder sentenced to 44 years

Raban Alou is sentenced to 44 years in jail for supplying the handgun involved in the murder of police accountant Curtis Cheng in Sydney.

1 March 2018

A young man with black hair and a patchy beard looks angry in front of an apartment block.
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Raban Alou has been sentenced to 44 years in prison for his role in the murder of police accountant Curtis Cheng outside Parramatta police headquarters in October 2015.

Alou pleaded guilty to aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring a terrorist act.

The 20-year-old admitted obtaining and giving a handgun to 15-year-old Fahad Mohammad at the Parramatta Mosque.

The teenager then used the Smith & Wesson .38 revolver to shoot Mr Cheng before being shot dead by two special constables.

Justice Peter Johnson told the court this was the first time an offence of committing a terrorist act had come before a sentencing court in Australia.

He added that while there had been people sentenced for conspiracy, planning, and possessing documents connected to terror, there had not been a case involving the death of another person.

Alou will be eligible for parole in 33 years.


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  1. See the infidels think the acts are so wrong,so despicable, they can’t get their heads around the fact in Allah’s eyes, they are beautiful acts, in Allah’s way.

  2. He must now be secretly thinking that Allah has been incredibly ungrateful to him, after all he’s been acting on his behalf – and now look what’s happened!

    But at least he’ll have plenty of time for more careful research and a chance to read the fine print:

    ” Qur’an 8:30—And (remember) when the unbelievers plotted deception against you (O Muhammad), to imprison you, or kill you, or expel you. They plotted deception, but Allah also plotted deception; and Allah is the best of deceivers.

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