Is the New York Times changing its tune?

Hardly. I won’t be holding my breath.

New York Times Reveals Trump, Breitbart Right On Gang Crime, Grenade Attacks in Sweden

The New York Times has broken ranks with the the establishment media, publishing an effective mea culpa over the mainstream denial of migrant-related gang crime in Sweden.

The paper — which previously mocked President Trump for highlighting Sweden’s migrant crime problems — published over 1,500 words on the subject in its Sunday edition this weekend, stating:

Weapons from a faraway, long-ago war are flowing into immigrant neighborhoods here, puncturing Swedes’ sense of confidence and security. The country’s murder rate remains low, by American standards, and violent crime is stable or dropping in many places. But gang-related assaults and shootings are becoming more frequent, and the number of neighborhoods categorized by the police as “marred by crime, social unrest and insecurity” is rising. Crime and immigration are certain to be key issues in September’s general election, alongside the traditional debates over education and health care.

Sweden’s immigration problems have been reported on by Breitbart London since 2015, when the site dispatched reporters to the country to describe the worsening conditions in many migrant-dominated suburbs.

Additionally, Breitbart London interviewed Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Akesson, the only politician in the country willing to speak openly about the problems. The establishment media dismissed Akesson and his Sweden Democrats as “neo Nazi”, but the party currently commands third place, with 17.3 per cent in the polls ahead of September’s elections.

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Canuckistan: a nation about to crash without survivors?

Sweden isn’t the only country that is literally dying of moonbattery. Black Pigeon Speaks turns our attention to Canada:

Once again, we see that it would be better to be conquered by a foreign army than to succumb to liberalism. If Canada had been occupied by the Nazis, the Soviet Union, or the imperial Japanese, it would still be Canada, and eventually the invaders would be expelled.

But it will not survive rule by moonbats like Justin Trudeau. Already he has reduced the country to a laughing stock. In the near future, there will be no Canada in any meaningful sense. At best, it will become China’s first colony in the Western Hemisphere. At worst, it will become submersed in the Third World it has been importing.

The Greatest Threat To Australia Are Its Current Immigrants

Once upon a time they came for a chance to work and start a new life.

And they worked hard !!

Google/YouTube Cranks Up the Censorship


When it comes to information and opinion dissemination on the Internet, the far left owns the infrastructure. Google/YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have alarming power that they do not hesitate to exploit to repress opposition to their extremist ideology. YouTube in particular has been cracking down on nonleftist thought lately. YouTube stars Paul Joseph Watson, Sargon of Akkad, and Mark Dice bring us up to date; watch while you still can:

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