Melbournistan: African Gangs, Crazy Leftoids & ‘Muslim sensitivity training’


Here you can see how bad leftoids are fucked in the head: Avi Yemeni brings out the best in them:

Yesterday I attended a massive pro-refugee rally in Melbourne, hoping to attract thousands of signatures for our petition to save the persecuted white South Africans. We got 2 signatures….

Peter Dutton: Being called a racist or a fascist or a Neo-Nazi, some of that mud sticks and it angers me because that’s not the person I am.

MORE: #pmlive

Pauline Hanson questions Australian funds for UNRWA
Pauline Hanson asked question time in the senate to ask for reasons why Australia’s government financially supports the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East in financing Palestinians given their anti-Jewishactivities and funding the families of terrorists.

Muslim in Europe says they will force all non-Muslims to convert to Islam “by Jihad”

And he means every word of it.

This Muslim explains, “Jihad is a holy war against infidels in order to force them to convert to Islam.”
African Gangs in Melbourne are a Problem, Police Admit
Victorian police have conceded Melbourne has a problem with African street gangs, after earlier insisting there were no gangs in the city….
.: We’re not going to discriminate against people from South Africa based on their skin colour. The fact is if they are persecuted – as we know at the moment they are – if they meet the criteria they can apply to come here.

Police officers to undergo ‘Muslim sensitivity training’ to better understand Islam and combat the radicalisation of home grown terrorists

  • Australian Federal Police officers will undergo ‘Muslim sensitivity training’
  • The agency will work to target Islamic extremism and prevent radicalisation
  • The AFP is tendering for a new provider to conduct the courses for its officers
  • Comes as police prepare to tackle terror threats at the Commonwealth Games 

The agency will work to target Islamic extremism and prevent the radicalisation of young people in Australia. 

Good luck with that. These unfortunate police officers will need more than luck to cope with that nonsense.

Paris: 85-year-old woman French-Jewish Holocaust survivor raped, stabbed, burned by Muslim neighbor had pleaded for help from police who did nothing -…


Sweden: The Muslims have won

This Swedish expat tells the story of how Muslim migrants rendered her country unsafe for its citizens.

Pictured: Iraqi asylum seeker who ‘broke Britain First leader Paul Golding’s nose in prison’

Obviously this rat should be deported or executed, he is worthless & beyond rehabilitation.

Paul Golding was attacked by a pair of inmates at HMP Elmley earlier this month.
“Muhsen, who was jailed for being part of a group who looted during the 2011 riots, is reportedly serving another sentence for a brutal attack on a prison officers that ended the victim’s career.”

5 thoughts on “Melbournistan: African Gangs, Crazy Leftoids & ‘Muslim sensitivity training’”

  1. The Video …
    Why Racist Refugee Supporters Cheer White Genocide
    (The Treason/Sedition/Subversion is much more entrenched and widespread than I ever imagined

    this invading islam and diversifying criminal African tribal enabling situation is much worse than I ever imagined)

    … and when Reality bites them on the butt !
    … and when they cry ! yell ! scream !
    … Help Us ! Help Us ! Help Us !
    (save us from the invading islams and the diversifying criminal African tribals)
    … you better start running – you need the head start !

    … What – save them from (their-own-anti-white) self-racism and other idiocy !
    … An Impossible task – like integrating islams – like herding cats !
    … Can’t be done – You Will Reap What you Have Sown !
    … You enablers of the invader islams and the diversifying criminal African tribals are absolutely guilty of Treason/Sedition/Subversion !

  2. Persecuted Judeo-Christendom has been pushed around over the centuries and later returning in one way or the other stronger.
    More than once it had the chance to square the maths with ancient and new enemies – even traitors and Trojan horses – but didn’t do it if not as a temporary palliative…
    Such entity realised the only theocracy reliable is God’s Himself… and therefore promoted democracy as the temporary/secular remedy while waiting for God’s Theocratic Kingdom.
    Other fake theocracies took advantage of such new situation and opportunity, but a disposable and unilateral use of genuine democracy, the jurisprudence and the international law derived, but also capitalising over the divisions produced by the secular ideologies grown under the umbrella of freedom.

    I’ll tell you what happen now. Plutocracy developed to such a degree to be now fit to take over worldwide. It doesn’t need Western based democracy and the old order of Christendom. Plutocracy has become complex and powerful to such a degree to gather under it’s wings all the enemies of the Christian based Western Civilisation. At its table can sit together parties historically in conflict to each other, but all unified by the intense hate for the true Kingdom of God and all its earthly forces and entity – true Western democracy and constitutions included.
    You can therefore find in the same pot – at the table of the Brotherhood of the Global Cake – parties once in conflict to each but now allied to the Master Designer and Chief of the coming Plutocratic dictatirship. You”LL find in it secular ideologies like Communism and Fascism, but also the so called “Krislam”. The Cultural Marxist might boost to be atheistic and positivists, while in reality themselves are caught in the pot of global Luciferianism.
    All this turmoil, however, has one simple and spiritual explanation: Jesus Christ is not faraway to return to establish His Kingdom and judge people, individual, religions and nations, dividing them between lambs and goats. The enemy is upset and determined to play the lot of cards in his hands. Fake theocracy is one of them and likely the major one, as it provides the pretext of an absolute truth and right to global sovreignty, which are in fact the peak of insolence and evil in human history. Punishment will be punctual and ineluctable: hell!

  3. Why are the invading islams STILL in Australia !
    Why are the diversifying criminal African tribals STILL in Australia !

    Why are the cause – (these aiders/abeters/enablers) – of the invader islams and diversifier criminal African tribals being in Australia – still not removed and incarcerated !

  4. HUGE HUGE WOFTAM’s – each and every one !
    • Australian Federal Police officers will undergo ‘Muslim sensitivity training’
    • The agency will work to target Islamic extremism and prevent radicalisation
    • The AFP is tendering for a new provider to conduct the courses for its officers
    • Comes as police prepare to tackle terror threats at the Commonwealth Games

    Why not simply eradicate the 3 existing problems
    (1. stop and expel islam invaders and
    2. stop and expel diversifying criminal African tribals and
    3. removed and “incarcerated“ their Treasonous/Seditious/Subversive aiders/abeters/enablers – who are assisting invasion and diversification)

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