Top cop says Victoria Police needs more South Sudanese officers

Our government imported African savages and the police can’t handle it. So the solution is to hire the same savages to police themselves. That’ll work!


A TOP cop tipped to be a future police assistant commissioner has  told a forum on African crime that Victoria Police needs more South Sudanese members in its ranks.

Commander Stuart Bateson, speaking at a panel event hosted by Monash University and Melbourne’s Immigration Museum, said the organisation had found it difficult to recruit from the African-Australian community.

“We want to see a police force that’s representative of the community … some of that has been challenging over time,” he said.


Commander Stuart Bateson says Victoria Police has struggled to recruit officers of African background.
Victoria Police officers and African-Australian community leaders patrolling Tarneit Central Shopping Centre in January. 

“What we need to do is build Victoria Police as an employer of choice and I’m not sure we’re there yet.

“I’m not sure we are getting recruits from the South Sudanese community who are going on to university and great jobs.

“I wish I had a quick and clear solution but part of that is making sure young people from African communities look at the police and want to join.”

Commander Bateson said a taskforce to tackle youth crime among African-Australians would also help address divis­ions in the community.

“I don’t think it’s going to resolve itself and it is going to take leadership,” he said.

“Part of what we’re trying to do there is make sure Victoria Police are in step with the community and our actions are formed by their advice.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton with the taskforce comprising of African community leaders.



“We know if we start to diverge from community expectations we’re going to be in trouble and you only have to look at some American cities to see where that’s gone horribly long.”

Deputy Commission Andrew Crisp, also speaking at the forum, said he hoped local leaders and university researchers could help police efforts to tackle youth crime.

“We want to see what we can do to break that cycle so that young people don’t get involved in the criminal justice system,” he said.

“It is the applied research that’s really important for us because that is about how you make sense of what’s actually happening here and now.”

10 thoughts on “Top cop says Victoria Police needs more South Sudanese officers”

  1. “Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton with the taskforce comprising of African community leaders.”

    Imagine all those people behind Graham Ashton as police officers.

  2. What about Indian, Chinese, Greek Police officers?

    Why only Sudanese?

    “We want to see a police force that’s representative of the community … some of that has been challenging over time,” he said.”

    Indian, Chinese, Greeks are not representative of the community?

  3. A two word response to these fools in charge of the Victorian Police Force:

    Justine Damond.

  4. Yes African police officers who identify as Sudanese or other African ethnicity are a must have for Australian society. They will make short work of Australians who are inclined to get oppositional about the racial profile of violent Sudanese and African crimes against Australians.

    While we are on the subject of Justine Damond –

    The Somali police officer Mohamed Noor (hired for the Minneapolis police force solely on the basis of his birth and racial profile) has finally been charged with the brutal murder of Justine Damond.

    What are the chances the FakeNN will follow this trial.

  5. “We want to see a police force that’s representative of the community … some of that has been challenging over time,”

    OK , let’s go with that then:

    5,791,000 population in Victoria

    1,118 people from South Sudan living in Victoria (2011 census)

    18,146 police officers in Victoria. (2016)

    So using these figures it’s one police officer for every 319 citizens in Victoria.

    Therefore , to make it truly representative of the community there should be no more than 1189/319 South Sudanese police officers .

    That is a total of no more than 4 South Sudanese officers . FOUR. Not four hundred or even fourty – but FOUR.

    Otherwise they are being over-represented – and that would be discriminatory. And we can’t have that. Human Rights Commissioner Jillian Triggs would have her knickers in a knot in that case (yeah, right).

    We need to see more Dutch, English, Irish, Kiwi, Chinese, Serbian, Greek, Croatian, Iranian , South African , Russian, Italian, Ukrainians etc on the beat as there are far larger numbers of those ethnic groups in the community than South Sudanese.

  6. Commander Stuart will no doubt be celebrating the first Sudanese they appoint as cops. Piccy in the paper, accolades all round and he will also celebrate the promotion he gets for this pc move. That’s what happened with cop Mohamed Noor, the Somalian who now faces a murder charge over killing Aussie Justine Damond in USA. Be careful what you wish for.

  7. Mohamed Noor is a Sudanese Muslim. When he joined the police force, Victorian Premier and Victorian top cop Commander Stuart Bateson expressed their excitement

    We want to take a moment to recognize Officer Mohamed Noor, the first Sudanese officer in the Victorian Police Department. Officer Noor has been assigned to the Dandenong Precinct, where his arrival has been highly celebrated, particularly by the Sudanese community in and around Dandenong.

  8. The Australians have been very slow to ‘catch-on’ to racial politics and its various gambits in the 20th century wars of Communist aggression (overt and covert) and dispossession. Nowhere has this been better perfected than in Africa.

    With the final achievement of Black majority rule in African nations it should now be clear to all that the horrible White policy of apartheid was never the issue. The Zuma gov’t and now the Rhamposa gov’t is now openly calling for apartheid.

    The racial reality is – people work and get along best together as racial and ethnic groups if they live among their own kind. If a state has economic stability then different groups build their own communities.

    That is assuming that different racial and ethnic groups are able to work together as citizens of a state. A lot of them aren’t and will never be able to do so under any conceivable system.

    It is starting to look like Black Majority Rule – backed by all Western nations with sanctions against nations holding out for White Minority Rule , nations like S.A. and Rhodesia – was only ever a stepping stone to the removal of White Africans native born in Africa. That was their game.

    The other revelation is : In every other continent there can be African French or African Americans or African Australians – but White Africans like the Boers or Rhodesians – no. These societies never got a pass from the liberal Western nations – not even if these societies did create a rule of law and social order under White Minority Rule and apartheid in which Black citizens shared in the prosperity and were upwardly mobile to the extent that Blacks from outside those nations were attempting to immigrate and fighting with Communist insurgencies to take them over.

    White Europeans should be getting this now.

    The Zuma government and now the Rhamposa government in S.A. is openly calling for White Genocide. There is no Western nation that is criticizing this policy, demanding sanctions, attempting to intervene in any way etc. The FakeNN are all OK with this and do not proceed beyond an obligatory tut-tut with reference to all the horrible crimes the Whites supposedly commit.

    Compare and contrast with Rhodesian UDI in 1965 under White Minority Rule and open , workable policies of jobs and training for Black Zimbabweans – there was hell to pay. Everyone sanctioned them. They were pariahs.

    Zimbabwean torture camps and training centres for Black armies of warring political factions all included gang rape were part of the training package – all that got a pass from the West and the liberal Political Elites.

    Zuma, Rhamposa and White Genocide get a pass. Read the entrails – this has been the game of the Western political elite and their political correctness all along.
    The Coming Civil War in South Africa – pure savagery

  9. Has this idiot been dipping into the drugs in the police lockup?
    What a complete and utter moron. If we didn’t bring them in then there wouldn’t be the crime. We should be sending them all back to the cesspit they came from and stop these economic phony refugees from being able to come here.

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