Viktor Orbán: Brussels Wants to Dilute and Replace the People of Europe!

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna

Yesterday Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke in Budapest on the 170th anniversary of the Revolution of 1848. Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


Europe and Hungary are in the middle of a war between civilizations. We face a migration that upsets our order and puts at risk our way of life. At the same time, we must protect our achievements, and begin to fight for the persistence of meaning. Without preserving our way of life, everything will lose meaning. If the country is no longer Hungarian, what is all the “orderliness” for?

Let’s not delude ourselves [refers to Earl Széchényi’s sentence]; we do not have to fight against the anemic opposition parties, but an international network that has been organized into an empire. Media financed by foreign groups, and a domestic oligarchy, professional activists for rent, agitators, organizers of riots, chains of NGOs paid by international speculators, which can be summed up with George Soros’ name, since he personifies it. This is the world we must fight against, to defend our own.

A good soldier does not fight because he hates the opponent before him, but because he loves what is behind him. Loves Hungary and the Hungarian people.

Respected celebrators: we grew out of Christian culture; we differentiate between the man and his deeds. We never hated and we will never hate anybody. Just the opposite: we continue to believe in the power of love and unity. But we will fight against what George Soros’ empire does and wants to do against our country. This is our home; this is our life; we do not have another one, so we will fight to the end for it and never give up… ever!

3 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán: Brussels Wants to Dilute and Replace the People of Europe!”

  1. Please President Trump, bring Orban to the White House, and receive his valuable insight.

    1. Yes, indeed! Move the U.N. out of New York and start a new one with selective membership conditional to genuine human rights and democracy based upon the rule of civilised reciprocity.

  2. The E.U. + the U.N. have deceived the Western People and the democratic nations.
    Their mandate is substantially invalid. Their agenda is not in the objective of genuine human rights, security and justice for the People they represent but in project of a global dictatorship of Plutocratic nature in spite thel etherogeneous appearance of their allied entities. A war – an unusual and creeping one – is in progress to anihilate the true Judeo-Christianity, the Western Civilisation and all their people and nations .
    Orban and, regretfully, few other statesmen have identified the causes and agents of such war and what to do. It is a time of deception, invasion, massive conflict of interest, mercenarism and Trojan horses for profit and membership at the Table of the Brotherhood of the Global Cake and His Master Designer – which is not the “Quasi-Elite” Giorgio.

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