Anti-Soros Orban Wins Third Term in Hungary

Re yesterday’s vehicle jihad in Germany:

First, the media reported that a “van ploughed into a crowd”, suggesting an evil van that went wild. Then German authorities said the murderer was a mentally troubled German. Now it’s revealed, a day later, that the killer was a Muslim

Romanian television reports that the terrorist was a German citizen of Kurdish origin

Bloody Nose for Brussels: Landslide Triumph as Anti-Globalist, Anti-Soros Orban Wins Third Term in Hungary

Hungary’s conservative-populist premier Viktor Orbán has won a third term in office in a landslide election victory.

With the votes counted, Europe Elects is sharing stats which show Fidesz, the party founded by Prime Minister Orbán while he was a young anti-Communist dissident, has won not merely a decisive majority but an outright super-majority, along with minor allied parties — allowing changes to the national constitution.

Far-right nationalist party Jobbik came in second place, but leader Gábor Vona has resigned from the party which he has headed since 2006, having promised to do so if he failed to achieve a breakthrough. He is expected to remain active in frontline politics, however.

Erdogan threatens France:


The Camp of the Saints Becomes Real: IQ and the Health of Civilizations

If the caravan of illegal aliens threatening America’s southern border strikes you as familiar, you may have read Jean Raspail’s prophetic 1973 novel The Camp of the Saints. If you haven’t read it, please do so, so as to understand what is being done to us. Black Pigeon Speaks outlines aspects that are not discussed in the mainstream media regarding the effect on IQ:

Even if the particular caravan of saints that has been in the news recently fails to live up to its earlier hype, it is merely the tip of one iceberg in a sea of icebergs. The massive, constant flow of immigrants from the dysfunctional Third World goes on year after year. Its effect on Western Civilization will not be reversable.

Full text and audio of The Camp of the Saints are available online for free.

Internet oligarchs data mining scandal:

Off Duty French Soldiers Arrested After Defending Woman From Robbery

The Multicultural madness continues. The French arrest the good guys and let the criminals walk free. A 78 year old pensioner here in Britain faces the same injustice. This madness must be stopped at all costs.

A trio of French soldiers on leave was arrested and face prosecution after they intervened to help a woman who was being robbed by a youth on the streets of Paris.

8 thoughts on “Anti-Soros Orban Wins Third Term in Hungary”

  1. Romanian television reports that the terrorist was a German citizen of Kurdish origin” [sic]
    “… who gives a semblance of a typical Mmuslim-looking man male. … ”

    pedantics require accuracy !!!
    … islams cannot be man/men only male/males !!!
    … islams cannot be woman/women only female/females !!!

  2. Erdogan Claims France Will Suffer More Terror Attacks…
    Hours after attack in Germany Erdogan: same will happen in France

    When will the Traitors of Europe be Removed and incarcerated !!!

    Once this is completed …
    Recall all O/S military assisting islam factions against themselves !!!
    Stop all islam and criminal African tribal immigration !!!
    Expel every resident islam and criminal African tribal !!!

    For the resident islams and criminal African tribals who wont voluntarily relocate to their original or ancestral homelands or to whoever converted you homeland … forceful military Action of refusers is implemented !!

  3. As always Black Pigeon delivers an astute and realistic warning. As he points it is now too late and uncontrolled events will happen i.e. war, major massacres of the white race. the world’s society will be plunged into darkness. None of our politicians apart from those in Eastern Europe realize the consequences of their policies i.e. The Barcelona Agreement as at the bottom of the EU problem which can be found on Wikipedia.

  4. The globalist enemedia propaganda networks (i.e : ALL media outlets) always push the “positivist law” (crime) narrative – that people should do for others without being asked – and of course this sort of infantilizing guilt-shaming victim-blaming extortion leads to criminalizing hurt feelings and inevitably such thought control leads directly to slavery. So no wonder it reduces IQ, as it is designed to do!

  5. Let’s assume (because it’s true) that each “race” or ethnic breed of human is simply the result of different families growing up in different geographical areas, where different traits were needed to survive.

    In the hot lands where food was plentiful, being lazy, impulsive, and promiscuous was the key to survival.

    Laziness was a bonus because of over-heating, and unimaginative patience was needed both for fishing and for hunting (which mostly involved falling asleep near the local watering-hole, and waiting for animals to come down for a drink anyway).

    Impulsiveness was needed for when on occasion a snake or panther would drop out of the trees to eat one – since fighting wasn’t an option, running away and hoping they’d eat the slower members of one’s family (even if one’s own offspring had to be abandoned without further thought) was the only logical survival response.

    And since those problems existed, but so did copious amounts of food, being promiscuous and winning the survival game by creating and abandoning offspring was the way to win with quantity over quality.

    Compare that to the cold lands, where food (and natural animal enemies) were scarce – in such a place, being lazy, impulsive, and promiscuous wouldn’t work, and would in fact get one killed off pretty quick.

    There, one needed to plan ahead, save up food, and limit the number of mouths one had to feed.

    Therefore only the smarter families have been forced by their own survival circumstances to learn how to manipulate their own environments, rather than have their environments continue to rule them.

    Only they are capable of adapting to new conditions and stresses, of scrupulously learning to understand how to repair old things and invent new things.

    Only they are naturally endowed with the potential foresight to be capable of managing their own estates on this planet.

    CAPISCE, liberals?!

  6. Oh, and BTW – I don’t think IQ actually matters all that much!

    It’s mostly only speed of thought and memory. It’s what one does with what one has (i.e: smarts or wisdom) that counts.

    Education is key, even for lazy impulsive promiscuous breeds.


  7. All forms of “government” – even “democracies” – are protection rackets.

    ALL are at least loosely based on the “positivist law” (criminal extortion and slavery) model:

    Positivist (or libertine, liberal “law;” aka crime) in sanctioning people (or at least, ‘authorities’) to do things both TO and FOR people, “for their own good,” without getting their express consent first, will lead to criminalizing hurt feelings and to slavery. Positivist “law” is always really only ever a CRIME.

    Since criminals expect that all is generally allowed unless and until it is very specifically disallowed in advance, to them the only real crime is trying to prevent them from doing whatever they want to do, to whomever they want to do it to, and whenever they want to do it. Such attempts are always seen by them as “mean!” or more recently, “HATEFUL!”

    Positivist law is also divisive, in that it sanctions imposing both rights without responsibilities, and responsibilities without rights – usually by using slander to accuse and extort “oppressors” of “victims.”

    It inevitably leads to such false divisions as the criminal “versus” civil law venues; but then it’s only simple math and physics to realize that any house divided cannot stand, and diversity is not strength.




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