Germany, Iranian Nukes, CNN & the Mohammedan Rape of Europe

Germany: Christian men banned from their church because Muslim women wanted a ‘men-free’ environment during event

A group of Christian pensioners were not welcome for their weekly card games in their own church in Bremen, Germany’s Junge Freiheit reports.

“We Christians are banned from our Christian community because it is a Muslim event.”

His partner Meinhard Ahting adds: “Our expulsion has nothing to do with tolerance. We have to stick to Muslim rules in a church institution. That scares me.”

According to the senior citizens, the reasoning of one of the churches’ employees was clear: The building must be completely man-free because of the Muslim women on this day.

In other news:

Britain, France, Germany say the Iran deal “best way” to stop nuclear threat
They haven’t got a fucking clue!

Netanyahu drops a BOMBSHELL on Iran Nuclear Agreement

If you like your nuclear weapons, you can keep your nuclear weapons–Hussein Obama

Israeli PM ‘HAS EVIDENCE’ Iran Violating Nuclear Deal

Under the , Iran can’t build a secret nuclear weapon

The Mossad just stole 100k documents from Iran and the Israeli prime minister provided proof of Iranian nuclear mendacity. Let’s go to our analysts for reaction:

Bibi: 100,000 Secret Files Prove Iran ‘Lied Big Time’ About Nukes

‘Even after the deal it continued to expand its nuclear program’

Clapper and Brennan STILL Have Security Clearance as They Trash Trump and Work at CNN, MSNBC

To make matters worse, both men enjoy cushy jobs as analysts for the ‘destroy Trump’ media. This is unprecedented.

In EU-Wide Poll, Majority Think Migrant Integration ‘Unsuccessful’, Figure Rises to 73 Per Cent in Sweden

EU Poll: Majority Think Migrant Integration ‘Unsuccessful’… 73% in Sweden

Sweden: Syrian Migrant Claims He Didn’t Know Sex with 12-Y/O Is Illegal

Child Grooming Offences Rise Five-Fold in 12 Months, Youngest Victim Two Years Old

U.K. Grooming Cases Up 5x in Year… Youngest Victim Two Years Old

Somali  Moslems Raped Swedish 13-Year Old Girl Till She Bled, Filmed it, Then Raped Her Again

 Unfortunately, because of Sweden’s current legislation, they also “cannot be deported” although they have dual citizenship to both Sweden and Somalia. So in Sweden, if you make jokes about Islam, you can go to jail for 2 years, but if you violently rape a child and stream it for the world to see, you get off with only a few months of juvenile detention. This is nothing new there however, as a few years ago, a Somali Muslim raped a Swedish woman dead and also did not face deportation.
As violent and disgusting as this event was, it seems authorities are essentially giving the attackers a slap on the wrist, as they have all been sentenced to only a few months of ‘youth care,’ even though they were indeed convicted of rape against a child. These perpetrators also had previous burglary and child pornography charges against them, and were all reported to have been born in 2000, although it is a common occurrence for migrants to lie about their real age.
France: Desecration of 215 Christian Graves Declared ‘Hate Crime’ — Three Years Later

Double Kabul suicide bombing kills 25, including 9 reporters

Double Kabul suicide bombing kills 25, including 9 reporters

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    When you, meet the muslims, you’ll have an allah-ballah-who-time, an abu-dabai-do, time, you’ll have a gay old time!

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