Good riddance to bad rubbish (why do they keep coming back to haunt us?)

Yassmin wears biscuits


More of your taxes, that is. Former ABC presenter, Hizbie fan and frequent returnee Yassmin Abdel-Magied recently filmed something for SBS with a few fellow tax drains:

She is now making her acting debut in the new SBS series Homecoming Queens.

Created and co-written by Michelle Law, the series looks at the lives of two young women as they deal with life after major illness.

Ms Abdel-Magied took to Instagram to share her news, describing herself as “SO excited”.

Last month, the former Queensland Young Australian of the Year was given a coveted free speech award by human rights group Liberty Victoria.

Hmmm. “Coveted” might not be the right word.

Winnie Mandela, Ex Wife Of Nelson Mandela Kicks The Bucket At 81

Evil to the core. More on this later.

Paki TV host/hatepreacher Orya Maqbool Jan banned from entering U.S.

Pakis on Twitter questioned why was Jan interested in visiting a country whose inhabitants he considered to be “Infidels”

Zuhdi Jasser too ‘moderate’ for Duke University?

Muslim Students Association: Zuhdi‘makes students unsafe’

The Muslim Students Association there is furious about Zuhdi’s visit, saying the speaker’s words will “harm us” and “makes students on this campus unsafe.”

Athens Responds to Turkey: Greece is Not Governed by a Sultan

The Greek prime minister’s office replied to the Turkish president using rather scathing words. The statement reads that Greece respects the law “and has a prime minister who respects and acknowledges the procedures of Greek justice, not a Sultan who would be able to issue promises on [judicial] decisions.

Islamic Centre Leader Arrested After Training Students To Become Jihadists


An Islamic cultural centre leader in the Italian city of Foggia was arrested this week after allegations of ties to the Islamic State terror group and accusations he had been radicalising children with pro-Islamic State propaganda.

Abdel Rahan Bdel Mohy Eldin Mostafa Omer, originally from Egypt, taught Islam lessons at the Al Dawa cultural centre in Foggia and also served as the president of the centre. He has been accused of pushing students toward joining terror groups and participating in Jihad Il Fatto Quotidiano reports. (Breitbart)

Israel’s Netanyahu says he is suspending deal with UN on African migrants, hours after unveiling arrangement.

The Prime Minister’s Office, in its statement announcing the deal, had said that most of the migrants who would stay under the agreement would have been eligible to remain in Israel even without it.

This supermarket was fully stocked until people turned up

This supermarket was fully stocked until people turned up


Socialist logic: “Venezuela’s former Vice President turned Minister of Education Elias Jaua claimed in remarks this weekend that the country’s depleted supermarkets would be full of food if people did not eat so much.”

You know, he might be on to something. If it weren’t for people, socialism would be perfect.

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  1. For millions of people around the developing world, poverty keeps access to a better life out of reach. Education, however, is the key that could change everything. Education would help them escape poverty – by giving them the chance of a better job – and the impact of this would carry on down through the generations.

    1. Ramiro, yes, education is the key for ending poverty in developing nations but according to what I read in New York Times journalist Nicholas Kristof’s book, “Half The Sky” all too often men in Africa, Asia and South America do not make educating their children a priority. They will spend what disposable income they have on mobile phones, candy, alcohol, gambling and visiting prostitutes. Unless the men who control the family income see the value of education their children will never escape the vicious cycle of large families and more poverty. It is of particular importance to educate girls, the benefit to society is far reaching.

  2. Oh Fertid
    … yet another vile putrid malevolent deceitful violent invading criminal islam proselytizing !
    … enabled and aided by the criminal islamophiles of Australia
    … based (increasingly) in Western Australia (WA) !

  3. We have to continually remind ourselves that ALL islam females have been sexually vaginally mutilated !
    (this includes “our” Yasmin)

    Don’t understand why …
    (Ah! … its a sexual control of islam females by islam males thingy)
    as “allah” constantly and routinely enters the islam females butts (and the islam males butts ) and they receive him into their butts during the islam anus raising ceremony held multiple times every day !

    1. This explains the unusual (subservient) “prayer” position adopted by male and female islams
      … because they have to be (subservient to “allah” – aka muhammad) – or die !

  4. You would think Yassmin’s support for hizb-tahrir would make her into an parhiah that nobody would touch with a ten foot police, while wearing a radioactive suit. However unfortunately it is not the case. The SBS are happy to hire her for a drama series

    It is high time both the ABC and SBS should be abolished or sold off.

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