Ramadan Says His 5 Rape Accusers are All Liars: He’s the Real Victim…

Brother Tariq  admits relationship with rape complainant

The Oxford University professor is in detention in France over several rape allegations

Rape-accused Tariq Ramadan has been in custody in France since February 2. REUTERS
Rape-accused Tariq Ramadan has been in custody in France since February 2. REUTERS

Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan has confessed to having a relationship with one of the five women who have accused him of rape, according to media reports.

However, lawyers for the prominent Islamic scholar, who has been detained in France since early February, insisted the relations were not as portrayed by the alleged victim.

“He knows her, he had a relationship with her, but not what she described,” stated Emmanuel Marsigny, according to swissinfo.ch.

Mr Ramadan, an Oxford University professor whose grandfather founded Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood movement, was taken into custody on February 2 over charges he raped several women.

To date, five women have accused him of rape – three in France, one in America and one in Switzerland.

The latest development relates to the third woman who spoke up, a French Muslim woman known as Marie.

Mr Ramadan has denied all the claims against him and claims they are part of a campaign by his enemies to ruin his name.

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The scholar maintains that he had no sexual relations of any sort with his first two complainants. However, when faced with evidence from Marie, he confessed to having a relationship with her.

The 45-year-old woman had provided investigators with screenshots of online conversations between her and Mr Ramadan. She also gave them a dress that is allegedly stained with traces of his body fluid, swissinfo.ch reported.

Mr Marsigny said that experts were conducting tests of the DNA samples.

Marie made a formal complaint at the start of March, claiming to have suffered multiple rapes in France, Brussels and London between 2013 and 2014 at the hands of the scholar.

His two initial accusers went to police in late October, both alleging that he had raped them in French hotel rooms.

In a separate development, a medical report ordered by judges involved in the case has confirmed that Mr Ramadan is suffering from multiple sclerosis, but said they he could be treated behind bars.

In February, a French court dismissed a bid by the 55-year-old to be released from detention on health grounds.

This week, medics confirmed that he has been suffering with the condition since 2006. However, according to AFP, they insisted that he can remain in detention despite the illness, provided he receives adequate medical treatment.

Mr Ramadan is in custody in Fleury-Mérogis prison, in the French district of Essonne.


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  1. Mr Ramadan has denied all the claims against him and claims they are part of a campaign by his enemies to ruin his name.” [sic]
    … as usual islams (every one a criminal) invert the guilt onto their victims and
    … THEN claim to be The Victim of their own criminal activity !!!

    The islam male known as Tariq Ramadan is an islam criminal gang member
    … so by default the islam male known as Tariq Ramadan (like every Vile/Putrid/Malevolent/Deceitful/Vicious islam) ALREADY has a horrendous name and a despicable criminal reputation that is absolutely impossible to ruin !!!

    Remove and “incarcerate absolutely every
    … Socialists Political & Cultural Marxists/Multiculturalist
    • Remove Stop & Purge the islamophiles !
    • Stop & Purge the islams !
    • Stop & Purge the criminal African tribals !
    • Burn every religious text of islam !
    • Pulverise every mosque !
    … so be it !!!

  2. Tariq Ramadan an ” Islamic scholar, “…LOL, how much did his employer Qatar pay for the pieces of his pseudo “scholarship” which, if muslims use toilet paper, would do well for this use.

    As to the rapes: he is entitled to feel badly done by, since there is nothing “un-islamic” in raping ….Mohamed (re)commends it !

    And to consider himself the victim…again: it’s islamically correct…all islamic perpetrators consider themselves VICTIMS…..a bit like Hitler whose last words were reported as: “The Jews…..you know…… I have forgiven them” !!!

    1. All islamic scholarship is heavily infused with the da’awa, the call to Islam, which includes firing up the masses and whipping them into that fanatical frenzy for which Mohammedanism is feared all over the world. Having gone through pains to listen to some of brother Tariq’s lectures, where he drops all pretences of “moderation”, he reveals himself as a fanatical headbanger of the worst kind.It is preposterous that he should sell himself as a “philosopher”, when he is entirely driven by the dogma of his “religion”. His booklet, “Western Muslims From Integration to Contribution” perverts the meaning of everything; “integration” means presence of ever larger numbers of unassimilated Mohammedans, and “contribution” means replacing Western culture & civilisation with Islam.

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